ISL Light Remote Desktop Review

Founded in 2001, ISL Online (the company developing ISL Light) has over 15 years of experience in Remote Support. Over the years, the core values ​​of the best remote support have emerged: reliable security, ease of use, optimal performance, and constant support. The solutions must meet strict safety requirements, and these are regularly tested at ISL Online. SMBs looking for a cost-effective, cloud-hosted support software will find the answer with ISL Light. It is effortless to use and also offers several flexible licensing options with the basic pay-per-use version starting at $145 for 500 minutes of unlimited sessions.

Easy to use

When starting a remote session from the portal, the ISL Light application is executed, presenting a unique 8-digit code to the technician. The Invite button emails the client a web link that opens the session when clicked. Customers can also visit the website ‘’ and enter the code. In both cases, the ISL Light application is loaded on their system, which adds a top control bar for granting or revoking remote control and ending the sharing.

The technician’s window shows the client’s screen and presents a toolbar at the top with access icons for several tools. He can share his screen with the customer, request control, transfer the session to another technician, invite others to join, and start session recording. Client restart controls are available when a technician enters Administrative Mode from the Tools menu. This enables a “Restart and Resume” mode so that they do not lose access when they restart the client computer.

The File Transfer Tool provides options for sending or receiving files. The first option allows technicians to specify where on the client side they want to send them (or the client can decide), while the second option will enable them to retrieve files from the remote machine.

Security and Support

Unattended access is supported for Windows and Mac clients and requires the permanently installed ISL AlwaysOn application. We had no problems loading it on our Windows 10 desktops, while our Macbooks received a DMG package from the portal, which took only seconds to install.

The security is reliable, as the application requires the client to enter an AlwaysOn password, which the technician must enter to gain access. Besides, the app is pre-configured for your cloud account, which is initially available only to the technician who sent the installation request. If allowed, customers can turn remote access on and off at will.

The web portal is easy to use, with icons at the top to start on-demand remote sessions and access customers running the AlwaysOn app. You can create any number of user accounts, a group selected AlwaysOn clients, and share access to them with other technicians.

Extra features

The live chat services are courtesy of the free ISL Pronto application, which requires a local Windows or Mac host on your company’s website. Even better, web conferencing can be conducted from the portal, where the free ISL Groop application is loaded for all invited people to use for online meetings and to share slide presentations or your screen.

SMBs looking for easy-to-manage cloud-based remote support will find the right solution with ISL Light. The platform support and features are excellent, and although the cloud licensing scheme is somewhat convoluted, it allows companies to tailor the cost to their exact needs.


Connect to an unattended computer

ISL Light offers a fully functional 15-days free trial. The cloud licensing model is a bit confusing as it is based on active sessions. There are a total of three plans, Pay Per Use ($145), Cloud ($469), and Self-Hosted ($990). With one license you can start one active session at a time, while the number of users and installations is not limited. ISL Light provides remote control, file transfer, text chat, voice and video calls, and session recording for Windows, Mac, and Linux clients. Free iOS and Android remote desktop apps enable technicians to offer mobile device support to their clients or provide remote support on the road.

Final Words

Overall, This is a great product that just works, no mess, we give the client the session code, connect very quickly, and we can support our client’s needs quickly and easily. I can set up unattended access so that I can reach my clients remotely after they have gone home to solve problems, so they don’t have downtime. It has a more flexible approach to small and medium-scale licenses that are not limited to physical workstations. If you have a small or medium operation and you need a remote control that anyone in your organization can use, from any PC, that’s the best choice or sometimes even the only option.