Knee Surgery: The Latest Tech Breakthrough You Need to Know About

Knee Surgery: The Latest Tech Breakthrough You Need to Know About

Tech Today: Cutting Knee Surgery Cord

Revolutionizing Knee Surgery with Wireless Technology

Essential Takeaways:

  • Developers consulted with NASA engineers to incorporate aerospace-grade lithium-ion batteries into the ArthroFree Wireless Camera System.
  • Lazurite’s ArthroFree became the first FDA-cleared wireless camera system for minimally invasive surgery in 2022.

After Eugene Malinskiy witnessed a physician assistant struggle with arthroscopic camera cords during a procedure, he and his brother, Ilya, embarked on a mission to create a wireless arthroscopic camera. With guidance from NASA engineers through the Adopt-a-City program, the team successfully implemented the ultra-wideband protocol for encrypted high-definition signal transfer.

Exploring the Parallels with CubeSats

The development of the wireless arthroscopic camera drew parallels with CubeSats, as both technologies required reliable power in compact devices. NASA engineers facilitated connections with aerospace lithium-ion battery vendors, paving the way for the device’s success in the medical field.

Since its FDA clearance, the ArthroFree Wireless Camera System has been instrumental in numerous surgeries, showcasing the power of collaboration between medical innovation and aerospace technology.