A Review of iSkysoft Data Recovery Software

A Review of iSkysoft Data Recovery Software

There is so many data recovery software that you can find out there, and one of them is the iSkysoft data recovery. This software can be used effectively to recover data from the computer and any storage device which needs recovery. By using iSkysoft data recovery software, you do not need to be too sad when losing your important files! Visit this link to download iSkysoft data recovery software.


Honestly, we have never tried any software for data recovery except some freeware variants back then. It means this one is a brand new thing to do. When looking at the market, you will realize that the data recovery software available mostly offer the same basic three things, which are the ability to recover documents which are removed into the recycle bin, the ability to recover lost data from malware infection, and the ability recover lost data after you are formatting the drive where the data was stored. However, can you un-delete the data that you have already deleted for a long time, either accidentally or on purpose?

What happens when a file is deleted

When saving a file, a computer which you use to save the file will write it to the assigned space on the disk. Deleting a file does not mean that the file will be immediately wiped away but space will be marked as a free by the computer instead and a new file is now able to be written on there. This kind of situation means that everything you have saved is still on the HDD, with a condition that you do not use any file shredder software to make the data unrecoverable.

What is iSkysoft?

iSkysoft data recovery is the software which focuses on utility services. iSkysoft data recovery software was initially only available for MacBooks before the company decided to move its service for Windows-based computers. The software which you can use to recover data from the computer and any storage device is actually pretty good in quality as well as design. The design looks pretty although it is simple and it makes it as efficient data recovery software. The design of the UI provides a similar look to the software which was from 1998, but that is not actually a bad design since it looks simple. For downloading the iSkysoft data recovery, visit the link.

Design and quality

To start reviewing a thing, especially software, the best thing you need to do first is to look at the program inside. When starting the software, you will definitely notice that the intro made by the company is very similar to Apple’s intro, as well as the simple GUI on the left which shows everything on the menu on a wonderful way. The options that are available on the software are well-designed and the sizes are relatively big. The labels, by the way, are also clear and intuitive. However, you will notice that the ancillary options at the top have rather odd designs with the social media links and like which you can click to contact the company directly when you need assistance.

On the front page, there are four main options which you can choose. The options are Lost File Recovery, Partition Recovery, Raw File Recovery, and Resume Recovery. By the way, the options can be paused and be resumed when you need to do something else with your computer. The options have a good design although it somewhat a bit outdated. The software is able to do what is expected and it is pretty quick.

Pricing and warranty

Alright, we now understand that the design is pretty dated but still holds its own charm and the performance is wonderful, but what about the price when you want to purchase iSkysoft data recovery software? The company which owns this software offers potential customers with three packages that they can choose. The 1-year license is the most basic option and costs USD 29.95 to provide you one-year coverage, while the next one, which named as the Lifetime License, provides you a lifetime access with USD 39.95 to pay but only for one computer. The third one works like the second option, but you can use it for five computers and you need to pay USD 99.95. For downloading the iSkysoft toolbox, click the link.
Summary: iSkysoft is the software you can use to recover lost files from any computer. The software has a good design (although a bit outdated) and a wonderful performance. It is offered with several pricing options.