How an Albury Man Overcame Adversity?

Allan Endresz was born in Sydney after his father relocated from Hungary. The family later moved to Albury where Allan began his career as a corporate gadfly. Over the years, Mr. Endresz has successfully run businesses such as Ezybonds. He has encountered many hardships in his business along the way which he has tackled with a lot of diligence.

When asked about the setbacks he faced, Allan said that setbacks are part of running a business. Mr. Endresz gave us five top strategies of overcoming setbacks. Let’s look at some of them.

  1. Creating game plans for specific events that may arise and acting on these game plans

One of the strategies that Allan Endresz used was creating game plans for important events in his businesses and ensuring that he followed them to the letter. Setting business goals will help you to focus more on the success of your business and how you will achieve that success.

  1. Ask for help

Allan says that it is important to ask for help when you are stuck and need assistance. When adversity strikes, help in finding strategies and ways to cope can make the make the situation better. Help can come from a trusted friend, a relative or even a meeting with a counselor. We all go through tough times and sometimes can’t solve problems by ourselves. It is courageous to recognize and ask for help if you need it for any sort of problem.

  1. Creating a positive out of the negative

When facing adversity, you should first try to figure things out. Also, accept and acknowledge that you are faced with a difficult situation but also have the faith that you will overcome it. Rather than focusing on the negative things, try looking on the positive side and “remember the tough times which you have had in the past but you successfully figured them out,” says Allan Endresz.

  1. Take responsibility

You should take responsibility for your actions and stop wasting days thinking about what could have been. When you accept total responsibility, then you’ll look to do something about it if it’s important to you. Find out how you can earn more money. Speak to others and find out what it is they are doing differently to you. Then start applying all that knowledge to make the changes you need to make, to create the kind of result you want. Rather than wasting your career, take responsibility for your actions and try to achieve goals with energy and focus. By doing so, this means that you are confident in your work and your capabilities.

  1. Complete a strategic analysis

A resilient person will understand that each one of their defeats offers them a much better chance to be wise and be suited to meeting similar hardships in the future. Come up with a strategic analysis of the situation in which you are in and then come up with ways of solving the crisis.

You can overcome adversity by mainly focusing on the things which are in your control. Everyone faces challenges at one point or the other in our lives. We must all be ready to fail in one area or the other and take the failures as an opportunity to learn, and this will lead to success in everything that you do.