WhatsApp Messenger Review For iPhone: Features

In this article, we are going to give you a review of WhatsApp Messenger the features. In addition to this, You can check it out below where you can download this WhatsApp Messenger. Read the resource to help you whether you download it or not.


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WhatsApp Messenger is a messaging app available for ipad, iPhone, and other smartphones. WhatsApp uses your phone’s internet connection (4G / 3G / 2G / EDGE or Wi-Fi connection (if available) to let you call and message your friends and family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, calls, photos, videos, documents, and voice mail messages.


There are NO COSTS to the WhatsApp, it uses your phone’s internet connection (4G / 3G / 2G / EDGE or Wi-Fi connection (if available) to let you call and message your friends and family so that you don’t have to reply to every single message or call at to Pay. There are no subscription costs for using WhatsApp.

• MULTIMEDIA: send and receive photos, videos, documents, and voice mail messages.

• FREE CALLS: Make free calls to your friends and family with WhatsApp, Call, and even if they are in a foreign country. * WhatsApp, call, use your phone’s internet connection instead of calling minutes on your cell phone signature. (Note: Data charges may apply. Please contact your system vendor for more information. You can also enter the emergency number and other emergency numbers by the following).

• GROUP CHAT: Enjoy group conversations with your contacts, so you can easily keep in touch with friends and family.

• WHATSAPP-WEB, You will also be able to send and receive WhatsApp messages right from web browser on your computer.

• NO INTERNATIONAL charges: There is no extra charge for sending WhatsApp messages abroad. Chat with your friends all over the world, and to avoid international SMS costs. *

• Say no to usernames and passwords: for that, you need to be aware of as a user’s name or a PIN? WhatsApp works just like SMS, you with their phone number and integrates flawlessly with your existing phone address book.

• I have ALWAYS done: With WhatsApp you are always connected, so that you don’t miss out on any of the message. There is no more confusion about whether or not you are logged in.

• QUICKLY CONNECT TO YOUR CONTACTS in Your address book is used to quickly and easily connect you to your contacts that have WhatsApp, so there is no need for you to add hard-to-remember names for the user.

• OFFLINE MESSAGES: Even if you miss the notification or turn off your telephone, WhatsApp will keep your messages in the recent until the next time you use the app.

• * * And MUCH MORE: Share location, exchange contacts, set custom backgrounds and sounds to the notification, send a message to multiple contacts at once and much more!

* Data charges may apply. Contact your service provider for more details.

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Note: WhatsApp is a telephony application, so, iPod, iphone, and iPad are not supported devices.

WhatsApp Messenger Information

Rating: 4.5
The classification of the user: Seven million, four hundred and seventy-eight thousand four hundred forty-one
Date Of Issue: 2009-05-04 02:43:49 pm
The price: Zero
The Size Of The File: 126,605.00 KB
Version: 2.20.31
The Device Is Supported: Apple iPhone
Download: Itunes

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