The Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch review

Even with the leaks and rumors that led to the official announcement, many people (along with me) were unable to predict a future by which The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt could be accessed on the Nintendo Switch. At a technical stage, it seems unthinkable. However, the immense RPG on CD Projekt Red has by nature reached Nintendo’s transportable power, with all the DLC. Everyone at Saber Interactive exchanged their mortal soul with Satan to achieve this factor … I am not a spiritual man; however, you are in my prayers forever.

I spent many hours fueling the glory of The Witcher 3 on my PC, and yet my graphics card struggled to send the visible experience to its true potential, which is why my 30-bit gigabyte gets the Switch port completed, my skepticism began to shine. Is the commitment stage too much to carry out this substandard platform and is it essential to prevent me from spending many extra hours on the unique journey with which CD Projekt Red blessed us in early 2015?

A wolf in sheep’s clothing

The answer to the final part of that consultation is definitive. The similar feeling of wonder returned, and I found my rhythm in Roach’s hooves quite simply, as I walked through each final survey at White Orchard, floating between factors of consideration and questioning Geralt’s combative aptitude. The management parts are rigorously translated into the contours of the Portable Switch.

Saying proverbs and navigating through actions does not seem unusual in any way and is apparent to anyone who has practiced the sport with a controller. It would be nice to see Saber do something smart with shift motion controls or HD Rumble features, however frankly, once bravery wanted to make this colossus work on a tablet-sized console, I can forgive the lack of bells and whistles.

In short, it is a functional part of The Witcher 3, and you can continue participating in the whole sport without serious problems. This is sufficient for the realization itself; however, when it comes to textures and views, it is necessary to critically measure your expectations. Environmental buildings, foliage, clothing and unimportant furniture were pushed back once or twice to make this port work, and the results could result in confusing and unreadable knowledge, particularly in a busy village or market.

In phrases of efficiency, the sport floats in places; however, it generally provides 20 to 30 FPS in portable mode at 540p, which is exceptional when considering {hardware}. Docking the Switch will increase the decision to 720p and increase the FPS by a small margin. However, the consideration is the physical proximity of the movement, which fits it on a large display screen in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Waterfall Edition. In all seriousness, pleasure is discovered here within the transportable potential of this enormous world. If you are going to fit it in, you can also turn on your PC.

As for loading the large maps of The Witcher 3 and creating the distinct feeling of transfer around the world, there is almost no stuttering or pop-in at the Switch’s door during tours. However, he throws the ball in different areas to house the substandard platform. It is evident from the beginning that a bias was given to highlight the fashions of character of the primary solid.

Geralt & # 39; Yennefer’s chain mail and pleasant locks shine and shine in cut scenes, and there are some free rendering strategies at play, with environmental occlusion that values ​​vital moments in a much appreciated (though usually overexposed) glow. Unfortunately, this can be a double-edged silver sword, because it just exaggerates how strange the number of different textures is when Geralt inevitably doesn’t talk to anything with a random farmer whose brother rolled a cube.

Battery life is another consideration. I performed a median of about 2 and a half hours of gameplay on my Nintendo Switch release day, which is useful when you practice transpennina, but not so spectacular when trying to make your means by a long-haul flight. It looks just as intense, if not more sizzling and taller than Breath or The Wild, so the energy banks are ready!

Which witch is which?

The problematic part of recommending this door is that it does not correspond to the genuinely imaginative and prescient CD Projekt Red for the colorful world they have woven. As a newcomer to the sport everyone talked about, The Witcher 3 on Switch is not primarily how you should get to know it first. I advise you to look for the sport on a single platform, if you have the resources to fall in love only with Geralt and his pony DiCaprio, which causes arrhythmia (without rest, until he dies) in unrestricted HD and even 4K.

But paradoxically, if your only console is a Nintendo Switch and you need to analyze the crowd, I can’t let you get away by not experiencing this contemporary masterpiece. The Witcher 3 on Switch – if you are blind to the visible commitment – still has a huge coronary heart and a journey in which you can spend many happy hours, with the distinct level of promotion in which you can summon romantic ghosts and witches You are ready .

To talk to the potential demographics of potential consumers, the veterans of Velen: it would depend entirely on how much you can separate The Witcher 3’s visible hanging experience from the complicated techniques and the story it completes. If you are elsewhere in your life, the place that spends most of your games on your Switch and has been away from the Wild Hunt for years, I see the enchantment.

But realize that the switch port will naturally be an unimaginable factor to watch. If, however, it is quick and easy to press a few buttons and return to your outdated rescues, the only benefit here is portability, with each side downgrading. Given the cinematic spectacle of the sport, it is up to you to decide whether you can be discouraged by the capricious corners of a pile of wood at the bottom of any film. If you don’t care what it looks like.

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