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Outer Worlds works just like a Fallout game. This is a rather lukewarm description and an obvious comparison. It’s easy to take a look at the game, which strongly reflects the mechanical shape of Bethesda’s RPGs and to believe that you know what to expect. After all, the developer, Obsidian Entertainment, was involved in Fallout: New Vegas, a cult favorite. But The Outer Worlds is not just a Fallout game. Surprisingly, it is the best possible version of a Fallout game – a potent distillation of what made the series so famous in the first place. This is our The review of external worlds.

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The Outer Worlds are advancing in their deep dialogue techniques, as Obsidian is aware that its strengths are there; however, it is a disgrace that the battle in recreation seems relatively demanding and rudimentary in comparison. There is nothing inappropriate about that. However, the sequence of first-person shootings and hand-to-hand fights does not fascinate him in the same way as his contemporaries, even with a reasonably large arsenal of weapons at his disposal.

Take fate of tactical time, a side effect of your character’s sudden awakening from sleep, allowing you to slow down time as you wish. It replaces the outdoor world with Fallout’s VATS mode. However, it lacks the strategic orientation and great feeling of this system, ending it as a forgettable trick that provides little depth or shadow to battles. Furthermore, sneaky fanatics are likely to be disillusioned by The Outer Worlds stealthy cable mechanisms.

This makes it frustratingly difficult to carry out secret killings without warning close to enemies, especially in the absence of remote devices equivalent to beasts or silencers. There is at least a complete list of teammates, two of whom can follow their adventures and convey their own tastes in the bloodbath through specific attacks that lend cinematic aptitude to essential hits. Watching them stumble, hit, shake and shoot down enemies was enough to keep the combat amusing, even when the efforts of my own attacks were in no way related to much anxiety or influence.

Here is the factor; however, you can stay completely away from the battles of the external worlds, if not your cup of tea, as a result of decisions about the variety of astronauts you need to have an effect on the participants’ experience, from top to bottom. rear. As emphasized from the second, you play the recreation game and start creating your character.

For example, invest your skills in engineering and stealth, and it is better to be able to invade and block your means near attackers. On the other hand, those with the gab reward (also called excessive dialogue and temperament) are often verbal, being able to seek options for violence, avoiding the desire for battle in the first place. The freedom to develop your character through the dizzying mix of attributes, talent factors, perks, companions, armor and weapon management from The Outer Worlds, and popularity on the boundary without limits, and requires virtually several performances from 25 to 30 hours Campaign Of marketing.

Review decisions of external worlds

This marketing campaign is as charming and open as the previous RPG foundations of The Outer Worlds, beginning as an easy mission to prevent its abandoned coal ship from being left in orbit by the dominant mega-company The Halcyon, The Board, and unfolding into something completely different in the course of your adventures around the world. This is due to the masterfully constructed branching history of the Obsidian, a narrative totally free of any binary morality system to ponder it.

You can kill associates, collaborate with ex-enemies, or terrorize entire cities if you need to, however, the Obsidian’s layered fault system and different paths means that there is always a credible route so you can observe all missions without any good and good sign. mistake to push you into the right instructions. In a way, this makes some of The Outer World’s narrative decisions even more durable to fight, since they are all in splendidly uncomfortable gray areas without ethical game code to depend on solutions.

I cannot depend on how I used to close the books of one of The Outer World’s many multilayered research guidelines with an option, for a last-minute edition (perhaps one of my colleagues would instantly express his opinion of the problem or a record of discovered laptop that reveals a new facet of history) made me rethink my decisions. The number of terminations in the Outer Worlds is subsequently an inevitable consequence of this fluid construction, however. Regardless of how you view it on credit, you realize that you have left a specific influence on this world, which may have changed the course of your future.

And what a world this is. Halcyon was meticulously summoned by Obsidian from top to back, with some of the most meaningful and world-building texts I have ever seen in a current throwback to a recreation. The studio is firmly focused on the understanding extremes and ridiculous absurdities of pious capitalism, the tradition of clients and bureaucratic problems, full of satirical exploits that can be as tragic as pleasing their black lines of action.

The review of external worlds

Everyone in Halcyon has a narrative to report on company mismanagement, abuse or malicious intent, all with a somber tone of humor, but not far from the stories of greed and callousness that you immediately see in the real world, making all extremely highly effective items. real-world accusations.

In addition, there is a real soul in the coronary heart of this dystopian environment, especially with regard to its team of colorful companions. Each teammate to be recruited will board his ship with his own private worldviews, emotional baggage and connections with Halcyon. Still, I will see this group of strangers slowly in a united team of gel associates, which has a real effect.

From Parvati admirably naive to concise, however, always shocking Vicar Max, the means by which all companions develop credible relationships with you and each other evoke the variety of companionship in the domestic journey that goes back to the greatest of Mass Effect 2. of my tour, I used to invest in the world of Halcyon as a place of breathing and residence. I just hope that this is simply the beginning of a new model franchise for Obsidian, especially now that it is a top-tier studio with the energy and help from Microsoft behind it.

Each of the completely different zones of Halcyon is comparatively small in measurement. However, Obsidian compensates for this scale centered on the other with a robust sense of environmental coverage, from adrift megamalls soaked in neon to swollen fungal jungles and steep purple rocks. Not only that, however, one of The Outer Worlds’ best distinctions from the most evident comparability, Fallout, is the distinct degree of grace, at least on PlayStation 4.

The recreation was carried out on a normal PS4 Slim and worked with a reliable and constant body load, with only the unusual freezing and texture occurring here and there to carry belongings to new environments of the brand. Although I may depend on the full amount of bugs I encountered on my first move, on the one hand. Loading occasions are somewhat problematic in terms of length and frequency. However, The Outer Worlds is, in any other case, technically difficult to criticize, with brilliant print art from the Golden Age that elevates its modest graphic composition to an immensely fun amount of playgrounds.

Obsidian’s experience in writing clearly, choice-based stories and sophisticated role-playing techniques were mixed to create one of the strongest new PIs of the era with The Outer Worlds. There is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to fighting as participatory and rewarding as relaxing recreation. However, The Outer Worlds undoubtedly delivers its premise as an attractive and highly effective RPG that takes the baton efficiently to the place that Bethesda recently left.

Completion of review of external worlds

I finished with The Outer Worlds want more, I would like to go back to the world to see extra things. It is not a short game, but it is a game full of a constant flow of beautiful characters to meet, exciting places to explore and significant layered missions to solve, which did not seem to have room to tire. I wanted to turn the clock back and do everything in a completely different way. Outer Worlds is consistently attractive and is a beautiful example of how to promote traditional RPG sensitivities in a crisp, modern experience.

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