SteelSeries Rival 650 Review

SteelSeries caters to the needs of the players, with some of the best accessories in the game for all of you out there, and in no place is this more clear than in the rat. The company has been steadily putting out some of the best gaming mice. And with that, the company’s Rival in the 600’s at the top of our league table, a new Rival, the 650 comes in to provide a little more of that excellence, and whereas, the addition of wireless connectivity. This is the SteelSeries Rival, The 650-Review.

SteelSeries Rival, The 650-Page Design

The Rival, the 650 is visually similar to its predecessor in almost every way. The difference is that there is no power coming to the front. In addition, the hotel has a micro-USB port to connect the cable to the load. The design features the distinctive SteelSeries, the combination of soft curves and hard lines, but it’s still comfortable to hold. This is due in part to the Soft-Touch paint applied to the palm, and the buttons on the mouse.

Due to the matte-black material is Soft to the touch, and the mouse seems a little bit like a Batmobile for your own hand. Meanwhile, soft rubber panels on the sides offer a good grip, although it’s not a very solid purchase, even for the SteelSeries Rival 310. There are several different buttons and a clickable scroll. The main mouse buttons are separate from the body, and to provide a consistent feel to the touch using the SteelSeries Switches, which can be clicked on for 60 million times.

On the left, there are three slim buttons on the thumb. Even though each and every one of them offer you a a feeling of stability, their placement is a little inappropriate. We have only to find the knob in the back for easy access to it. Any reasonable variation of our grip, it brings the other two buttons on the thumb on the inside of the scope. However, a serious grab to the wrists and small hands, can you move your thumb to the front easily, without a stretch in your index and middle fingers on the front of the mouse.

In addition to this feature, the largest part of the construction, it is to be welcomed. In the light of RGB is divided into the following four areas, with up to eight zones, two bands each on both side can be customized with three different colours. The light is also brilliant, both in terms of the customization, and the all-round visibility.

121 grams, and the SteelSeries Rival, and the 650 gives a nice weight in the hand, and it can be adjusted by popping off the side of it and drag it down to 32 grams (4-gram) increments) of the additional weights. It is also the most robust. We put some serious pressure on the mouse, but I couldn’t feel the slightest bending. Even those who are curious in up of the main buttons of the mouse with a bit more of a reasonable amount of force, don’t let it go.

Because it’s wireless, there’s also a dongle-based design in order to take into account, and this, unfortunately, is large. It just makes it stand out from a USB port, to take up as much space as a piece of Chex cereal, or a piece of a penny, but it is spot on, and bulky enough, to make it easier to connect your USB pen drive from above or below, from which it is difficult to. And, there is no storage space in the mouse for to put the dongle in the distance. For portability, this is a win-win. It is not a plug-and-forget the dongle.

SteelSeries Rival, The 650-Page Performance

As the outcome of a game in the mouse, there is no way to SteelSeries I would like to offer a less-than-perfect performance. And, coincidentally, the company has not ceased to exist. From the very beginning, to the creation of a Rival to the 650, with the SteelSeries Engine software is a piece of cake. The program will also highlight the computer’s settings that may affect the efficiency of the mouse in the game. However, it is the Rival, the 650-only toggle between two CPI settings for each profile, that is, if it feels like too little.

The Amount of Wireless connection, developed by the company meet the demand for serious games. He will produce a 1,000 Hz polling rate, and we didn’t notice any problems at all. We are playing a game with a significant potential for interference, and with a smartwatch on your Wi-Fi connected to the smartphone right next to the dongle. He has never had any hesitation. And that’s the wireless connection that offers all the performance of TrueMove, the 3+ range.

It is up to 12,000 (CPI) with a one-to-one follow-up for up to 3500 CPI, and a customizable lift-off of the discovery between 0.5 and 2 mm. The sensor can cope with the intense speed of over 350 fps and accelerations of up to 50G. Once you have found a lift-off detection setting, the opponent and the 650 run, as well as any other mouse I’ve ever used. By going slow and steady in the rebellion, Storm, sandy, we can expect a follow-up to help us reach our goal.

When you’re going through, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in a crazy way, we don’t have any trouble getting to your destination quickly and to put them down. The hard-to-reach thumb buttons is a little bit out of our love of performance. While not all games benefit from more buttons on the thumb, it is often that you find them useful, and Rival the 650s, they are not.

The middle button of the mouse, it also gives a touch of discomfort. The middle button of the mouse, it also offers quite a bit of trouble. It only takes a single hair, with more muscle strength than that of the primary buttons on the mouse, but it’s enough to make it much more difficult to click reliably or quickly. Tilting the wheel to the right, the middle button of the mouse, you can operate with a higher level of certainty, but it may take some time to get used to it.

The Service Life Of The Battery

SteelSeries Rival, The 650-Review

The condition is excellent, with all the lights turned off. You can play with it for a week and still have battery life left. Turn on all the LEDs, then the battery will burn out considerably faster. Fortunately, a fast charge can deliver up to 10 (or more) hours of battery life in just 15 minutes, and the Rival of the 650 works entirely, such as a mouse with a cord.

SteelSeries Rival, The 650-Page Conclusion

From the performance, there is nothing not to love about a Rival to the 650. It offers tracking, and a customizable lift-off, causing the Rivalizer the 600 is a superior choice, offering wireless connectivity. If you want a mix of wireless and precise control, look no further than this one. But because of our grip on some of the buttons, and for the price, they are not the easiest to overlook, it’s hard to call this a win for the mouse.

For a lot less money, same performance can be reached with a Rival, the 600 or the wireless Corsair, Dark-Core, RGB can be the same as a reliable way of tracking and Qi for wireless charging when it is not in use. For more gaming mice, check out our list of the Best Gaming Mouse

Eight The Total Score

Is the SteelSeries Rival, the 650 offers impeccable follow-up and reliable connectivity, but at a higher price, and some of the difficult-to-use knobs and pulls him back in.


  • The perfect tracking of the
  • The connection is stable
  • Scratch-resistant


  • Wireless is not cheap
  • The inaccessible buttons for the thumb