Sennheiser GSP 670 Review

Although it doesn’t have the head tracking technology available from its competitor Audeze Mobius, which is still one of the most exciting headsets ever made, it manages to achieve this goal and is one of the best wireless devices we’ve tested. The only downside is that the Sennheiser GSP 670, priced at $ 318 and a design designed for home use only, is a severe and expensive luxury. This is our Review Sennheiser GSP 670.

Sennheiser GSP 670 Review Design

The GSP 670 has a clear Sennheiser feel outside the field. In a great way. It features an instantly recognizable design from Sennheiser and even looks like headphones from previous occasions that I have in mind. In addition, the headset has a high quality feel right away, with each half feeling stable and secure. This is partly as a result of weight: at a speed of 398 grams, the GSP 670s are in the heaviest finish on the spectrum. Still, I prefer it. Weight contributes to comfort and correspondence; In one method, it looks like the headset never falls off.

Combine this with a fair overall design and the result is a close, but comfortable match. But not in the method of shaking your head – a little cozy. This is done appropriately by the ear protectors made of suede-like materials, which adapt properly to the contours of the head and to the adjustable and resistant and durable headband. Although this is not everyone’s style, as a result, you disconnect it very efficiently from the surface world.

I believed it was beautiful and one of the crucial headphones I have used in a short time. By increasing this design, the GSP 670 is, by its nature, conducive to noise reduction per departure and consolation immersion. The beautiful pinches at the top of this well-designed headphone cake are the buttons and controls, each of which feels strong and satisfying to use, be it the foldable microphone or quantity management.

Sennheiser GSP 670 review features

These controls are a small set that represents the integrated features of the GSP 670. The rotating microphone and the display are well positioned on the heads of the headphones, along with a dual-purpose clutch and a battery life button, a programmable button ( although this requires the use of the software program) and the non-detachable boom microphone.

Elsewhere, an essential function is the Wi-Fi USB dongle. It is not bigger than what you would discover for a wi-fi mouse. However, it has a button on the input and an LED that flashes according to the configuration or proper position in which the headset is installed. That is the only slightly difficult function. For trying to be as small and discreet as possible, it is very strange, especially at the entrance of my PS4. While it was simpler to capture and use with a PC’s USB ports, it wouldn’t actually be too imposing to make it a little bigger.

However, the Bluetooth connection offered is safe and reliable. It is easy to connect via the dongle, with spoken instructions confirming your connection and that the LED adjusts the color and frequency of the flash (clearly described in the manual) to indicate the position of the connection. The variation can also be excellent, and I believed it had passed Sony’s premium set of cans, the Platinum headset. It should not be primarily a single function; however, it demonstrates the ability of the wi-fi connection and the truth that you can keep during recreation when having a beer or petting it briefly.


The design, the matching and the good variety of features prepared me very well to test the capacity of the GSP 670. This does not disappoint. In summary, the efficiency measured in high sound quality, audio element and variation is excellent. It is probably one of the best I loved, and it doesn’t matter what recreation I did or the media I favored. Playing a long session of Ghost Recon: Wildlands offers pleasure in exploring the open panorama through audio.

My teammate is self-evident and apparent; the gun sounds good (with bullets whistling before my ears with totally different instructions), and there may be depth in car engines. In addition, I swear I can hear Bolivian music from other places and with extra legibility than ever before by the locals. In Doom, it’s not surprising that the 670 effortlessly processes this soundtrack and heavy audio set – which some headphones can capture with a problem.

Mick Gordon’s soundtrack is a deal to be followed with these cans, and it’s much more enjoyable with those distinct sounds of weapons and monsters that run right through it. Until the popping of the station, the voice messages and humming of the machines have a beautiful tone for them. On the lightest side of the spectrum, Assassin & Creed Odyssey demonstrates the lightest contact of the GSP 670, because it was. The sounds of battle and bloated music are a pleasure, while the sounds of voices are transmitted in a clear and subtle way, as if they were in the wind.

A particular pleasure is driving on a settlement route, and listening to the conversations and interactions of the market reach me perfectly, as if I were walking through a metropolis in real life. Combine that fantastic audio with the cozy, closed match, and the GSP 670 offers one of the crucial immersive and absorbent gaming audio experiences.

Although the non-detachable microphone implies that the headset should not lead to your predominant music headset, it is – somewhat predictable – great for music and movies or TV. So when you’re sitting behind your PC and need to lean over a little again or need to switch to a streaming service on your TV or PS4, plug in your headset and enjoy.

Regarding the efficiency of use and interaction, the first thing to note is that consolation lasts long classes. While some cozy cozy starts well after which they become painful, the Sennheiser The GSP 670 are adorable in that respect. I almost neglect that I’m carrying them. Elsewhere, a PC software program is the only drawback I have, however, only as a result of a mandatory bridge to be crossed, if you want to get the most out of the programmable button – use it really.

Review Sennheiser GSP 670

But once installed, the playground and facilities are sufficient to guarantee the price. With the software program, it is possible to select the comprehensive sound or return to normal and the numerous equalizer presets that Sennheiser offers, for example. On the other hand, you can choose from a mini-variation of specific microphone settings, similar to increasing the warmth or brightness of your voice. However, the variations seem reasonably small and, normally, due to the standard of Sennheiser headphones, by no means did I leave a found configuration used only with the default settings enabled.

However, it is good to know that the software program is not just a gimmick and can provide enough for maintenance professionals and custom personnel to put your nail polish on it. One factor I usually point out when the headphones are: there may or may not be a built-in balancer, which means that you can improve your recreation audio or chat with audio independently of others. There should not be in this headset. This feature is in Sony’s Platinum headset – my favorite home headset for playback on PS4 – so I’m always looking for it. Especially in premium headphones. If the headset requires a very high price, because of the GSP 670s, I am a little upset that this function does not seem.

Completion of Sennheiser GSP 670 review

An essential factor remains: this is a significantly incredible gaming headset. The efficiency in various video games and media is excellent. Whatever is going on in a recreation, regardless of your situation, regardless of how busy or quiet it is, the GSP 670s provides world-famous readability, depth, width and audio element. It is notably the super high price range, which implies that it does not receive an excellent rating. It is just ridiculously excessive, and it can stop many.

The lack of this excellent operation, balancing between chat and audio in the game, can even prevent a headset from seeing all competitors. However, if you are looking for one of the best PS4 headsets or gaming PCs and need to access wi-fi with the best technology, the GSP 670 offers an enjoyable experience.

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Sennheiser GSP 670 wireless gaming headset, low-latency Bluetooth, 7.1 surround sound, noise-canceling microphone, mute, audio presets, for Windows PC, PS4 and smartphones

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The Sennheiser GSP 670 is one of the best gaming headsets you can buy right now. They don’t look pretty, but they offer wonderfully balanced audio, industry-leading micro quality and a super comfortable fit. The only downside is that they are seriously expensive.


  • Beautifully balanced audio
  • Intuitive controls
  • Excellent microphone quality


  • expensive
  • Battery life could be better