RevoNext RX8S Review

A excellent headphone, you can redefine your listening experience. While the majority of over-the-ear headphones are the business of the old RevoNext is the newest company to in-the-ear market, however, it does so at a reasonable price and value. The RevoNext RX8S headphones simply $39.99. But as long as the headphones look like they cost more, they are discounted in value. This is the RevoNext RX8S Review.

RevoNext RX8S for a Review of the Project

The very first thing that you have to find out about the RevoNext RX8S headphones is their design, they are often not bad looking headphones. The cables on the headphones are made of woven plastic, which is expected to contribute to the further development. The earphones themselves are detachable, which is a good thing to fix problems if something breaks. In each of the headphone, you’re going to find out in the text, “Turn”, which seems to be a little bit cheesy; however, in conjunction with the transparent housing of the headphones, they look good.

In addition to that, RevoNext paid out significantly consideration to element right here. The handle has an ear hook design to ensure that the in-ear headphones keep you look beautiful in your ears, and they typically include a cable tie-down for the greatest cable management. In the field, you will additionally get two pairs of headphones, bringing in a total of three pairs, plus a carrying case made of plastic.


The RevoNext RXS8S ear headphones are in-ear headphones, and the headphones are essentially not as comfortable as over-ear or on-ear headphones. That said, these earbuds are fairly comfortable – you can have it for a period of at least a couple of hours without too much discomfort and we hope that we can be satisfied with it. They are not usually too big to match up very well in the ear, which is sweet. The in-ear headphones, you can keep it in your ear. They are very well crafted and is never involved in a heavy way. It is at all times a good suggestion to try it with the headphones on the field of play.

RevoNext RX8S Review of the Sound

Generally, the music is the first thing to go when it comes to headphones, however the RevoNext RX8S headphones to the handle to keep away from it for the most part. The headphone jack can accommodate three drivers, along with a dynamic driver and two balanced armature drivers. Despite the fact that the triple-driver in the construction, the bass response is greatly lacking. We understand and acknowledge that you RevoNext go for a more pure sound, this point, however, the bass is a crucial side of making sure that the sound is neat and with a bit more bass extension would have been welcome.

On the average, are set correctly, and that it is sweet to listen to. In the lower mid-tones are relatively warm and rounded, yet once again, it could be a little bit more, and a high in the mid-tones are good enough to present an excellent vocal sound. The excess material is usually detailed and accurate on these headphones, which was a good thing to listen to. A high-end, this extension has been useful, and the highs don’t get too sharp or overblown. In general, the RevoNext RX8S headphones, the sound is reasonably good. Once again, the bass response leaves a little to be desired, however, the sound quality is pure and well-tuned.

RevoNext RX8S Review Conclusion

The RevoNext RX8S headphones, it has a lot to deliver in this price category. The headphones are very well designed, and regardless of the slight lack of bass, the sound is reasonably good. But they are the most effective at their price tag? Well, if it’s a cable-in-the-ear headphones, and they are, without a doubt, it is not. If you are you looking for a cheap wired headset in-ear earphones, then this is certainly a good option for you to look out for.

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Eight The Total Score

The RevoNext RX8S headphones, it has a lot to deliver in this price category. The headphones are very well designed, and regardless of the slight lack of bass, the sound is reasonably good.


  • An extremely comfortable design
  • It comes with a good detachable 2-pin cable
  • Deep, powerful bass
  • The value for the money


  • You can show some sibilance
  • A very basic accessory bundle