Razer Hammerhead Duo Review

Razer has made to his line-up as of late, especially when it comes to headphones, with plenty of padding, and decent sound quality. But Razer also has quite a few on-the-ear headphones, which are great for a handheld game consoles, such as the Switch and the installed on your smartphone. The Razer Hammerhead-Duo in-ear headphones typically aren’t like Razer’s previous headphones which are, however, a brand-new, mobile, in addition to the company’s line-up. This is the Razer Hammerhead-Duo-Review.

Razer Hammerhead-Duo-Review-Of-Design

The very first thing that you have to find out about the Razer Hammerhead-Duo, is the design, and the in-ear headphones look fairly good. You don’t have to be unhealthy; in fact, it’s simply that, if you’re looking for something flashy, this probably isn’t the headset for you. In each of the headphone, you’re going to see the Razer logo, which is a relatively delicate one, regardless of the inexperienced tinge when you arrive in a traditional three-button remote management mid-way through the plug to the cable.

The majority of the cabling is fairly well built – all wrapped up in a woven nylon to be able to. Unfortunately, it’s not the cable that is made in this way, the place that the cables are divided into the left and right side, which is covered with plastic, as an alternative to the braided nylon. In the box, you don’t get a lot in addition to the headphone jack. You will find two more pairs of the headphones, bringing in a total of three pairs. We would have enjoyed seeing a little carrying case.


Ear headphones are probably the comfiest headphones; however, the – Support Hammerhead Duo of the headphones usually are not unsafe in any way. All the plugs match up perfectly to the ears without going too deep, and you can, thankfully, keep to their ears. The Razer Hammerhead Duo of headsets usually do not are likely to be the comfiest of all-time; however, up to now, as the headphones are concerned, they do not appear to be harmful in any way.

Razer Hammerhead-Duo-Review-Of-Sound

In the final analysis, is an essential factor to keep in mind is how your headphones sound. And, luckily, we thought they looked pretty good for the value, the more likely thanks to the dual-driver setup. Of course, they don’t seem to be unheard of; however, the in-ear headphones, the sound is pure, and detailed. The bass response is probably the weakest part of these headphones. The Bass extension is a little to strict, and low, which means that there is a little bit muted.

We would have appreciated a more significant bass response. The mids are very well-adjusted. The low mid-tones are too soft, that is similar to the rest of the netherlands. However, they are usually not over the top. A high in the mid-tones are quite sharp – which is a good thing to listen to the voices of the members of the work force, considering that the game is on a Switch. The excess material is relatively clear, and detailed, which was a good thing to listen to.

The high-end response that has been a good one for the headphones on this worth vary, and someone who generally thinks that it is a little bit louder, we can’t predict that it has more to do with the fact that the bass is a bit too much high end. On average, a set of headphones that are well balanced and great sound, especially for headphones on this worth vary.

Razer Hammerhead-Duo-Review-Of-Completion

The Razer Hammerhead-Duo headset has a lot to offer. They are well-designed, reasonably comfortable, and sound good, making it an ideal alternative for mobile players, or simply those in need of a wireless in-ear headphones. But are they worth the price? Well, It depends on your needs. If you can afford to pay an extra $10, you can get to the point of Ignition of headphones that offer quality sound and high quality. But, for less than $60, the Razer Hammerhead-Duo is an excellent choice in this price category.

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7.5 The Total Score

The Razer Hammerhead-Duo headphones deliver a solid sound, but a few drawbacks keep it from and play it’s great.


  • A particularly well-balanced sound
  • The construction of a high-quality
  • With Dual-driver technology is a promising


  • The High-end frequency in the collision
  • It only comes with a 3.5 mm jack