Phiaton BT 120 NC Review

In current years, Phiaton has made a reputation for its low-cost but high-quality headphones. Now the company is back with another pair, the Phiaton BT-120-NC headphones. But that’s the last time that Phiaton has tried to build the ear-buds with a sweetheart neckline type, and we weren’t that impressed. That is, the Phiaton BT-120 NC headphones, value for the money, you should stay away from them? We are going to find within our Phiaton BT-120-NC-Review.

Phiaton BT-120-NC-Review-of-Design

The very first thing that you have to find out about the Phiaton BT-120 NC headphones is their design, and because of this, they are intended to be used. At the time, in the form of a block of white plastic in design, the headphones have a sleek black look, with a tiny and slim body on the back side, which connects the two modules at each end of the headset. On the left side of the module, you’re going to get a button to turn it on/off and volume buttons, along with a button to turn on the noise cancellation, and a MicroUSB port for charging. We were a little bit unhappy to see that the Micro is getting used to it here.

At the end of each arm is a wire which in turn is connected to a tv or other display. The headphones themselves are relatively small and thin. These include the pre-installed tiny wings, and there are several sizes of the wings, which will include a set of headphones, along with various ear plugs and a Micro-usb cable for charging. In general, the design of the headphones is pretty decent. Phiaton has improved with the BT-100’S NC headphones on the steps of the giants. We would have favored Phiaton-to-use-USB-C, but in addition to that, the essential design is just about perfect.


Thanks to the small, headsets, and the relatively light weight of the design, the Phiaton BT-120. NC headphones are very comfortable – which is always helpful. As is often the case with in-ear headphones, we recommend customers to experiment a little bit with the receiver, and to combine it with the kite sizes as it is going to guarantee you a great – and we’ve found that most people will find something that matches them, should be considered. Of course, they are, however, a headset, a neck-type, and they don’t seem to be suitable for everyone. If you want to, that the idea of earphones with a plunging neckline, then this is one of the most comfortable ones out there. But they don’t seem to be to the gym or exercise purpose.

Phiaton BT-120-NC-Review-of-Sound

The quality of the sound, it was one of the many issues that are important to the Phiaton BT-100’S NC headphones, however, and thankfully, Phiaton has stepped up to the field a little bit for the new in-ear headphones. Although the quality of the sound is amazing, it’s not bad – and a lot of people are going to find out to listen to music on these headphones, great experience. For one thing, the low it’s fairly spicy, which is on all the time. The kick drums can be hit properly by using a mix, while the guitars and bass usually sound cleaner.

The bass extension is not a bad thing, but it’s not amazing, but usually, we’ve found the bass quality to be the most effective sound frequency to the headphones. The mid range is very responsive, even a little, not a lot of exciting. The low-end was warm, despite the fact that there is a trail of mud. In contrast, in the high-mids it seems to have had a significant, compared with the cut – o, which means that different devices can often obscure issues, like the vocals and the guitars. The high-end, it may be the weakest aspect of the headphones; however, again, it’s not terrible.

In general, it’s the headphones, I have some detail, although it’s a bit more to account for the high frequencies, it would have been very welcome. The cancellation of the noise, the Phiaton BT-120 NC headphones, it’s not the best. Although it suppresses the noise, do little to contrast it with the Bose QuietComfort 35 in-ear earphones. We strongly suggest that you do not buy these headphones for their noise canceling; however, it is a nice bonus.


Phiaton BT-120-NC-Review

The Phiaton BT-120 CN to connect the headphones to your listening to an audio gadget by means of Bluetooth 4.2, which means that they will have a range of up to 10 meters or 33 feet. We found out that they had all been plugged in correctly, and don’t ignore it, or coated with too much. The battery life is not good. The in-ear headphones are going to last for around 8.5 hours, which is less than the 10+ of us, we want to see in a set of headphones with no wire. We assume that it is a consideration, as a comparison, the design of the light. However, due to the active noise cancellation turned on, the battery life drops to 5 hours, which is a bit disappointing.

Phiaton BT-120-NC-Review Conclusion

The Phiaton BT-120. NC headphones are a massive upgrade over the previous one was, Phiaton BT-100’S NC headphones. They are much better designed and give a cushty match, and the sound is pretty decent. But, they are in a set of headphones with a sweetheart neckline, which is the best to get? It’s up to you. If your budget is up to $80, these are certainly headphones, to be taken into account. However, in the event you can increase your budget, then we suggest that you seek the-ear earphones such as the RHA MA650-neck, or the JBL’s UA Sport Wireless Flex headset.

The Best In Ear Headphones Noise Cancelling

7.5 The Total Score

These modestly-priced in-ear headphones include active noise cancellation and the sound is pretty good for a high-quality package.


  • Affordable price
  • Good sound
  • Eye-catching industrial design


  • Buttons on the inline remote is hard to use
  • The in-ear headphones just dangle when they are not in your ears
  • It is not a very effective noise-cancellation