Phiaton Bolt BT 700 Review

True, wireless headphones are becoming more and more common, which means that the headset manufacturers have few options when they release them, or make them sound better than the opponent, or make them more expensive. The latest true wireless headphones come in from Phiaton, who recently revealed to the Phiaton Screw BT-700. But why did you buy these wireless headphones over the other options in the $140 price range? Let’s find out in our Phiaton Bolt, BT-700-Review.

Phiaton Bolt, BT-700-Review-of-Design

Generally speaking, it’s truly wireless earbuds look the same, but the Phiaton Screw BT-700 has a few of the things that set them aside from the competition. To be sure, the in-ear headphones come in on a regular basis, similar to the Bragi Dash, or the Soul of the X-Shock, headphone jack. But they, too, have a small handle which projects that the use of headphones, designed to keep them in your ears, in addition to both of the headsets have two buttons at the top for volume and to control playback. The headphones also offer touch-sensitive controls to play and pause the music.

The controls are easy to have and not want to reach into your pocket, but there are a few downsides, such as they are, are a bit confusing in the beginning. We’ve got used to the controls eventually, but it was just a few times. Perhaps the most important thing that sets these headphones apart from any other wireless headphones is the case of the charging process. While it acts as a standard load case for the day-to-day lives, it also has a built-in speaker.

All you have to do is to put the headphones in the case, and then press the pairing button on the right-hand side of the case, after that you are going to have a small Bluetooth speaker that delivers about six hours of charging. In the case that the speaker is not that great, but it’s probably better than what you’ll get from a smartphone. Loading case worked well on the test. The in-ear headphones easily fits into place, and it’s easy to gain access to the in-ear headphones by unscrewing the cap. In the case that it is a little bit higher than we’d like it to be, but it’s still great to put it in a case.

In the box apart from the headphones, and the charging case, you’ll find a Micro-usb cable for charging, and a total of four pairs of ear tips, including the ones that come pre-installed on the phone to his ear.


The Phiaton Screw BT-700 is the truth, and the wireless headphones are a little larger than some of the more comfortable for the real headphones, the wireless, and that is, in the final analysis, it has a major impact on the comfort level of the headphones. Fortunately, however, we have found that it doesn’t have much of an effect in addition to that, the size has helped to ensure that the headphones stay firmly in your ears, even during fairly rigorous exercise. We were also able to listen to the Phiaton Screw BT-700 headphones for a few hours before it starts to get uncomfortable. As with any in-ear headphones, we recommend that you experiment a little with the tips of the ears.

Phiaton Bolt, BT-700-Review-of-Sound

In the final analysis, the quality of the sound from the headphones is going to be something that needed to be considered, and, fortunately, these headphones do not sound bad at all, even though they are not that great. The bass response on the Phiaton Screw BT-700 headphones, it’s relatively small, what we think is a good thing. There is a slight bass bump, to be sure, but it’s not over the top and doesn’t make a lot of mud. The bass could have extended a little more in-depth than it did, but it’s hard to fault the headphones for this price range.

The mids are well in tune. In the low-mids are fairly warm, again, without getting too bogged down, while in the upper-mids are sweet, and gentle, and it gives you enough of a cut for things like vocals and guitar solos. The high end is the weakest aspect of the headphones, but not disastrous. We would have preferred a little more detail on the high end, and it’s a little more high-end extension. Cymbals shine through in a mix without sounding too dull.

Phiaton Bolt, BT-700-Review

The sound on the headset is relatively large, it is not necessarily right for the other, the true wireless headsets, even the more expensive ones. The headphones also offer you some of the features for different listening situations. For example, if you double-tap on the left bud, you’re going to have to have a surround-sound mode, which plays some of the sounds from the outside world. It may be important to keep you safe when you walk down the street, for example.


The Phiaton Screw BT-700 is a true wireless headset to connect to your listening gadget with Bluetooth 5.0, making it one of the few headsets that you use the latest version of Bluetooth. You are going to have to have a listening range of about 10 meters, or 33 feet. Over the life of the battery of the headphones if you’re going to reach in around 5 hours, which is better than most of the truly wireless headsets out there. The charging case to recharge your headphones up to three times, for a total time of 20 hours, which is very, very good.

Phiaton Screw BT-700 Review Conclusion

The Phiaton Screw BT-700 is a true wireless headset has a lot to offer, especially in this price category. They are well-designed, relatively comfortable, regardless of their size, and the sound is pretty decent for the price as well. Of course, they are not the best. The high-end, it is not surprising, and the controls are confusing at times. But is there a better option in this price range? Well, it depends. In this price range, if you’re looking for a true no-wire sport headphones, we’d prefer the JLab Audio Epic Air Sports in ear headphones.

The day-to-day lives, however, we think that these are probably the best headphones at the $150 price category. Of course, if you are able to spend more money, you could go for something like $300 for Master & Dynamic, MW07-ear earphones.

Seven The Total Score

Phiaton Bolt, BT-700-genuine wireless headphones to last you the whole day, but most of the things that are not as good as it could have been.


  • Great sound
  • The great life of the battery
  • Great fit and options
  • Decent on-board mic


  • Clunky controls, one-touch
  • The average of the quality of the construction