Marshall Monitor 2 ANC Review

Marshall is perhaps best known for their iconic guitar amplifiers. Even so, it is also a growing name in the world of headphones, especially for those of you who don’t want to compromise on modern conveniences such as wireless connectivity and noise cancellation, for a retro-cool look. The brand’s latest noise-canceling headphones, the Marshall Monitor, 2 ANCs, and to bring these two worlds together in a simple over-the-ear-of-the-package, an upgrade to the first wireless headset was released in the fallfor 2021. This is the The Marshall Monitor is the 2-NCA-Review.

Once you spend some time getting to know them, we think, is the Marshall Monitor, 2 ANCs’ is a decent, noise canceling, impressive audio quality, and it looks fresh, making them a worthy alternative to the best-in noise-canceling headphones in the year 2020, the Sony T-1000XM3.

The Marshall Monitor, 2 to the ANC Review: Design

The new on-ear headphones that are very similar to those of its predecessors, the Marshall Monitor, Bluetooth connection, oval-shaped, with a headset, and a leather trim that’s going to come back to Marshall guitar amps. Just like the previous one, Marshall headphones, the Monitor, The 2 ANCs that are designed for people who want to use the brand name of a trust, and the Marshall logo is engraved in white letters on the outer shell of each headphone. On the right of the headphone jack is a golden knob, which allows you to play, shuffle, pause, and adjust the volume level of the audio output.

This is a multi-function button that can be used to answer, reject and end phone calls. We love how the accent of gold, is contrasted with the practice of the imitation of the skin of the carcass and exposed spiral cords, giving you a set of headphones with a touch of rock ‘ n ‘ roll style. Above all, there’s the ‘M’ button, which allows you to switch back to the default setting (more on that later), or to connect to the Google sign-in Assistant for your device. On the left earcup, there is a ‘CBA’ button, which allows you to switch between a regular, active noise cancellation, the Way of Monitoring, and shut down.

At the bottom of the ear cup is a 3.5 mm audio port, just in case you would like to listen to the looped wire, as well as with the Type-C USB port for charging. The Marshall Monitor on The 2 ANCs that are fully portable, with a super-flexible head that can take a beating when you want to pack them in. In addition, they come with a denim carrying case; it does not offer the protection a hard case, but it should save your cans from scratch, and it looks pretty cool.

We find the Marshall Monitor, 2 The ANCs are very comfortable, thanks to its soft ear headphones and a padded head, they are not too heavy, and don’t clamp too tight around the ears, as some of Marshall’s on-the-ear headphones.


To pair the headset to your ears with our new smartphone, it was perfect, thanks to Bluetooth, a 5.0 bracket. We don’t have any annoying drop-outs despite not having any connection problems with our laptop, in a lively environment, it is not the only one Marshall headphones. The Monitor on The 2 ANCs to work with the Marshall-in Bluetooth, an application that allows you to switch between the different noise-cancelling settings, and experiment with the different EQ presets (more on that later).

The Marshall Monitor is 2 the ANC’s Review: Noise-Canceling

The noise-cancelling offer that is the best I’ve ever experienced, but it’s still very, very good. You will notice that most of the white-noise background has been removed, such as the wind or the sound of a vacuum cleaner, but you should still be able to hear loud conversation in their immediate vicinity. By using the Marshall-based application, you can adjust the noise cancelling level, as well as the level of transparency (such as the amount of noise that you have to stop in the middle of the auricles, with the use of a cursor that will go from 0% to 100%.

This is a feature that you can enjoy, because it gives you much more control than what you get from the power on/off button on the headphones themselves, without having to hang a bunch of hard to remember the controls all over them.

The Marshall Monitor is a 2-ANC-Review: Performance

The other way to the Marshall Monitor 2 the ANCs can be adjusted by using the equalizer settings on the Marshall’s … love it! When you open up the eq section, you’ll find it preset, “the original Marshall sound”, that provides a well-balanced sound, with relatively equal on the low, mid and high frequencies. The software offers several presets based on music genres, including Rock, Metal, Pop, Hip-Hop, Electronica, and Jazz, as well as the screen Background, which offers a flat rate for break-even (as you might have guessed).

We don’t know the difference between the final and the Marshall presets, except for, perhaps, a little more emphasis on the mids. You can also make a custom EQ setting and adjust the slider controls in multiple frequencies ranging from 160 Hz to 6.25 kHz). If you don’t want to dive into the app, so you can switch between the three different presets, by tapping the ‘M’ button on the headset. Marshall has taken a lot of care to get a well-balanced sound, with the Monitor on The 2 ANCs, and they are the best of the sound of the Marshall headphones is still.

To put it in the low-to-the-test, we buried a friend of Billie’s Eilish; the low-end, I felt controlled, even though they were going through the thick enough to feel it in our chest, while the sub-bass drone that had a fitting, see-saw, without overpowering the other frequencies. Meanwhile, the background noise, such as vibrations, hearing voices, shouting, screaming synths, and the vibration of her nails on the glass, came through clearly. We were not able to test out the Marshall headphones without treating them to some sort of classic.

The Marshall Monitor is the 2-NCA-Review

We open the Doors’ Touch Me…. While the top of the trumpet reaches to the edge of the top, and the rest of the instrumentation, it sounded more lush and vibrant, especially in the Jim Morrssion of a melodious voice and nice orchestra-the flower that exists in the chorus usually. We loved the studio feel, the more they don’t feel closed in, but some of the tracks require more and more space for the instrumentation to breathe. All in all, however, is the Marshall Monitor, 2 ANCs to make for an enjoyable listening experience.

The Service Life Of The Battery

Like its predecessors, the Marshall Monitor, 2 ANCs have to have a battery life of 30 hours, which is equivalent to that of the Sony’s T-1000XM3, and does not exceed, by far, is the microphone Noise Cancelling Headphones the 700. That is enabled with noise-cancellation off, and he says that it is possible to play a 45-hour wireless access. A 15-minute charge is sufficient for up to five hours of playback, while recharging the battery up to full power it takes about two hours.

The price

The Marshall Monitor is a 2-ANC can now be ordered through the Marshall website, but it won’t be shipped until the 17th of March. At $319, and they are about $30 more expensive than our current favourite noise-canceling headphones, the Sony T-1000XM3. On the other hand, are considerably more expensive than Marshall’s latest in-ear headphones, Great, III, to speak.

The Marshall Monitor, 2 to the ANC Review: the Conclusion

The Marshall Monitor is in 2 the ANC is, without a doubt, the best headphones for the brand to date; the audio quality on offer here goes well beyond any of the previous models, with a good balance of presentation, smooth mid-tones, and powerful, rock-solid sound. They are comfortable, and look more moderate for the Marshall in-ear headphones, but don’t sacrifice the cool and rock’s legacy. That is, in addition to their excellent noise cancellation is safe to use and it is included with the application, is the Marshall Monitor, 2 ANCs is a compelling alternative to the Sony T-1000XM3.

It’s just a shame Marshall couldn’t lower the price to below $300, to provide you with a solution more cost-effective. We don’t think about what they are getting, both in terms of the fidelity of the audio, or noise cancellation, but it’s not enough to love, to balance, the most-listened to.

The Best In Ear Headphones Noise Cancelling

Eight The Total Score

If you want to have a balance sheet, an alternative to the Sony T-1000XM3, the Marshall Monitor, II, ANCs are a great option for you. They have a great sound, comes with good noise cancellation, and they have tons of cool features.


  • Great sound
  • For good noise cancellation
  • The adjustments to the EQUALIZER, customizable
  • Comfortable, the design is cool


  • The sound could be more spacious
  • The best-sounding competition
  • Dear