Lenovo IdeaPad Lynx K3011 review

Lenovo makes a variety of tablets to work with Windows 8 and Windows RT, as well as some cheaper Android tablets too. However, the new Lynx is a prime of the vary in the the Windows eight model, which focuses on stylish design and entertainment features.

The screen

The Lynx definitely makes a great first impression on the market, the 11.6-inch tablet measuring just 9.5 mm thick and weighing 640g – about 20g lighter than the latest 9.7-inch iPad.

It doesn’t have to have an extremely high definition, the show of the Retina, and the iPad, but the IPS panel offers a truly bright and vibrant image, with its native 1366 x 768 resolution, just as sharp at the same time the truth is that we’d be able to flip the brightness all the way down to about forty p.c, and still get a great, clear picture, considering that you watch the streaming video during our battery of assessments.

The Quality Of The Construction

Lenovo IdeaPad Lynx 03 Pm

On the other hand, a closer look reveals only a few minor weaknesses. The new panel seems to be made very light and made of plastic, and the buttons and port covers arranged along the edge of the machine feels a little flimsy, so the Lynx can be it is not what we may name tough. The audio system, the sound rather thin and small, even though there is each the headphone and micro HDMI connectors available if you want to turn it up as much as the audio system, or on a larger screen.


Lenovo IdeaPad Lynx 04 Pm

The Lynx is powered by a twin-core Intel Atom processor working at 1.8 GHz. What is a netbook-class processor, so the fact that he scored the only 1415 when operating in the PCMark 7 benchmark is hardly shocking.

On the other hand, this is in line with the comparable Atom-based mostly gadgets, like the HP Envy X2 tablet, and it’s quite widespread for fundamental duties such as web browsing and working in Word, powerpoint or Excel.

The Bobcat, also it feels smooth and responsive when using its touch screen controls, however, the main disadvantage of the Atom processor is that it supports more than 2GB of memory.

The iberian Lynx can be in a battle with more demanding duties due to the processor and the RAM memory, this is why it’s not quite a replacement for the traditional notebook computer, for the work of the critic. We don’t anticipate the editing and rendering of HD video in a document of the time, for example.

It’s just a little light on storage too – almost 27GB of the 64GB strong-state storage is taken up by the House, the windows, in and of itself, that only leaves you about 37GB on your personal recordsdata. Fortunately, there’s a micro-SD card slot, which can help you to add an additional storage of 32GB, and if you want to use.

The Atom processor also relies on the out-of-date, Intel GMA built-in graphics, which means that the game of the year, and the more likely it will be restricted to members of the video game similar to Angry Birds.

However, the low processor means that the battery life is excellent – we have purchased a total of eight hours of streaming video out of the Lynx, so it should definitely see you through a long train or plane journey.

The keyboard dock

Lenovo IdeaPad Lynx 05 Pm

As well as the HP Envy X2, the Lynx can be used with a keyboard dock that features a pair of USB 2.0 ports, in addition to a second battery which can double up to eight hours of battery life. The keyboard is very sturdy and comfortable to use, with a total measurement of the set of keys that have an honest quantity of journey. However, the trackpad may be too small, just 75x40mm – and the hinge mechanism, which allows you to connect the Lynx to the keyboard is surprisingly tough, and stylish.

The value

We had been sad to see that the Lenovo support web site lists the Lynx tablet itself, for a hefty sum of £800, and we confirmed with Lenovo, which is available at the option of the keyboard dock will set you back an extra £120.

We’ve seen the Lynx for sale in your online control panel for the forum for the £600, though, so it’s worth shopping round to make sure you get both the tablet and the dock together.

The HP Envy X2 has a very similar design and specification, however, it is best to build it. It is simply disposed of in the amount of € 699 including the keyboard dock, but when your funds doesn’t stretch that far, the Lynx – with its keyboard bundled – for £600 is a very effective way to deal with.