JLab JBuds Air Review

True Wireless headsets are considered to be the future of portable audio, and is not reserved only for the rich. Today, there are a lot of true wireless headsets that you can buy for less than 50 bucks. Recently, the JLab Audio has released its latest JLab Jbuds Air is actually a wireless headset that costs less than $50, but the ship’s experience is ideal. JLab Audio is part of the actual wireless headphones. We have reviewed-and I loved it with the JLab Epic Air Epic Air Elite in-ear earphones. Making your JLab JBuds-Air headphones, they are worth it? Here is our JLab JBuds-Air-Review.

JLab JBuds Air-A Review Of The Project

The very first thing that you have to find out the JLab JBuds, Air headphones, that is, the design, and they are lovely headphones. Even though they are not precisely identical to the JLab Epic-Air headphones, they have many of the same design sensibilities, and, of course, that’s the same company that makes. The headphones themselves are as boring in design, but they are also refined, and we have no control over it. Each and every earpiece has a small JLab marks on the surface, and that the brand, in addition, acts as a button.

This means that it’s extremely easy to figure out all the buttons, thanks to its textured feel, which is always helpful. The buttons to the layout, such as the volume, playback, and found that, despite the fact that it was a very simple-to-use the in-ear headphones, you have to keep in mind is that the earbud controls what, and how many times do you need to put pressure on him. In addition to the headphones themselves, you will have the charging case in the box, which is a relatively small and easy to carry around.

The case is very well designed – it is also equipped with a USB cable that’s built into it, and that you are taking it out of the bottom of the duvet, so if you connect it to a computer or to the charger, and after that tuck him back in, once you’re done. There are three LED lights on the entry to two in order to indicate the load of the headphones from your ear and the heart to show the person in charge of the case. In the box, you can additionally get two pairs of headphones, bringing your entire variety of pair of the three of them. There is also a pair of matching wings, you must make sure that the in-ear headphones keep you look beautiful in your ears.


JLab Audio has a long history when it comes to making comfortable, a true wireless headset, the JLab JBuds Air in-ear earphones are no exception. The headphones are relatively light weight, which ensures that they do not feel uncomfortable about it, and so that they will fit precisely in the ear, without falling apart. No one can suggest the standards of one’s actions; however, most of the time, they are going to stay in your ears comfortably. In addition to this, it is recommended to try out the completely different sizes of ear plugs. We have found that the pre-installed ear plugs are great for our ears.

JLab JBuds Air-To-Review-Of-Sound

For $50, it’s onerous to rely on the JLab JBuds the Air with the sound nice, but in reality, they don’t sound bad at all. Of course, there are a couple of facts to think about; however, the headphones have good sound, considering its price tag. One of the things I like about these headphones is that they have three EQ settings – “JLab’s Signature”, “Balanced”, and “Bass Boost”. We have found that for many listeners, “Balanced”, and it is the best way.

Let’s start with the bass, which is thick, heavy, and highly effective. At times, we have found that the bass sounded muddy, but he wasn’t too over the top, and that was in your Signature and it’s Bass Boost settings on the Balance. Kick drums usually cut through a mix quite nicely, while the guitars and bass have all been cleaned up and thick. I am very impressed with the offer, although it is usually swept up with the rest of the frequencies.

The means are severe. In the lower mid-tones were warm and helped them to enhance the tones of the bass, whereas in the upper mid-tones, it seemed to have taken a little bit at the bottom. The one who has been a vocal, sometimes it has taken a back seat to the bass, but not too much. The high-end seemed to be correctly adjusted, however, for the low-end, regardless of the hurt. It was much less the case within the well-Balanced EQ setting, however, however, however, it is the truth. In spite of that, we kind of feel cymbals flashed in the proper way, and to the extent it was reasonably good for headphones at this price point.


JLab JBuds Air Review

JLab Audio says the JLab JBuds the Air it will last about 4 hours on a single charge, which is good, but not spectacular. With the charging case, you in addition get an further 10 hours, and isn’t it amazing when you over different real wireless headphones to take at least three of the additional charges out of your bag. The headset connects to your listening gadget with Bluetooth 4.2, and we find out that they have been reasonably well-connected. There were connectivity problems on a couple of occasions; however, they have re-established very quickly, and we found out that it wasn’t a problem.

JLab JBuds Air Review Conclusion

The JLab JBuds Air, it is more of a home run for JLab Audio. It’s not only the earphone is normally well-built and much more comfortable than a headset, which is three times as expensive, it also sounds fairly reasonable. This is good news for those who want to buy a truly wireless set of headphones and have a budget of up to us $50. There are better options at this price point? It is not so now. But, if you can afford to pay more, then you may want to check out our list of the Best Wireless Headphones

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6.5 The Total Score

It’s hard to argue with a affordable price of JLab JBuds Air is Actually a Wireless head-phones. But it is more than just a casual listen, you’re going to want to look somewhere else.


  • Amazing price
  • The rating IP55
  • Cheap


  • The sound quality is not that good
  • The chunky, uncomfortable fit
  • No aptX, AAC support