JLab Epic Air Sport Review

JLab Audio has been making wireless headsets for a number of years. The JLab Audio Epic Air Elite in-ear earphones are the best choice for a truly wireless earbuds for less than $150. Now, the new model is here in order to play the Epic Air of the Elite – with the JLab Epic in-Air in the Sport. But, beating a number of the most fashionable wireless earbuds do not lead to any achievement. Are the JLab Epic Air Sports earphones and headphones with a decent follow-up? Let’s find out in our JLab’s Epic Air-The Sport Review.

JLab’s Epic In-Air In The Sport-A Review Of The Project

The design of the JLab Epic, Air, Sport earphones, can be very closely linked with the Epic Air Elite, particularly when it comes to of the headphones on their own. The headset design over-the-ear-with-the JLab Audio badge on the cover for each earpiece. The in-ear headphones are the modern day black-out, and they are often made from plastics, rubber and – even though we don’t mean that I thought that I would never break up. The headphones have touch-sensitive controls, with a contact area on each of the headphones.

Once you get used to the controls, you can operate the in-ear headphones – check for the a button to increase the amount of, on the left, to a small amount, and so on and so forth. In the event that it comes with the JLab Epic Air Sports earphones and headphones may also be very much related to the previous one, was the Epic Air of the Elite, though with a few enhancements that make it even more so. The case continues to be pretty huge, which is sweet to those who also need it in order to use it as an exterior of the battery.

Speaking of, there’s a USB port in the aspect of the case for charging outdoor units. A USB cable is connected to the underside of the duvet and is connected to the panels – so you don’t want to take a charging cable. At the entrance of the box, you can have LED lights that point to the battery and to the stage. In the box you have just about the whole lot you want. There are seven hefty pair of headphones, along with the foam tips and it’s completely different from the gel-tip sizes, so there could be something to the whole world.

Overall, the JLab Epic Air Sports earphones and headphones are very well designed and looks great. The charging case is a little huge, so with the headphones, they are a bit more suitable to be used in a bag as a backup in your back pocket.


Just as the JLab The audio of the Epic Air of the Elite, the Epic of the Air, for Sport headphones that are reasonably comfortable. It should not be the case when it comes to on-the-ear headphones, so it’s nice to see that some of those headphones are relatively comfortable. Part of the comfort stage on the headphones is due to the fact that they have to have a hook in the ear-shaped design, so that they remain in your ears. For the super-heavy actions, they are going to go, now and again, and again, and we have found that the headphones generally stayed in place even over training, and exercise.

JLab’s Epic In-Air-Sport-Review-Of-Sound

The JLab Epic Air Elite headsets, I had been loved for their amazing sound quality for the value, and, by chance, the Epic of the Air, of Sports headphones to make a custom. Let’s start with the bass, which is very effective and it’s thick, but not excessive. Kick drums and bass guitars sound and easy to complete. The route is fairly well set, it provides an excellent, warm, lower mid-tones, and a broad, lower -, upper mid-tone, to issues, remember to sing.

Where these headphones shine is in full swing. There are a lot of high-end, in response to the transparency, clarity and listening skills, in particular in the context of the “Signature” mode of the EQ. The headphones have three modes of listening. The Bass Boost is, as you might expect, emphasizes the bass response, considering that the “well-Balanced”, said to give you a response similar to that across the board – we think it’s a little bit in the middle. But, it does create a little bit of the mids, and gives you a nice, thick bass and clear, detailed highs.

JLab's Epic Air-The Sport Review


JLab Audio has gone far beyond the efficiency of those headphones. The JLab Epic Sports Air-headphones-to add to your listening machine by-means-of-Bluetooth-5.0 and find out that it is typically stored in a connection is great – even though there have been some leaps and jumps when he hears on the computer, as a substitute of your furniture. However, the battery life is amazing. The headphones themselves have a battery life of 10 hours, which is among the best I’ve seen in a truly wireless headset. The event offers more than 60 hours, which is way too bright.

JLab’s Epic In-Air-Sport-Review-Of-Completion

JLab Audio has, once again, to develop into a home-run with these headphones. The JLab Epic Air Sports earphones and headphones are well-designed, comfortable, and sound good – in addition to this, they provide you with amazing all-day battery life. They are usually not good and the charging case is a little bulky. But is there anything else? Well, that’s about it, it’s worth the price tag, it’s not. These headphones provide an excellent, value – for-money, and even get a variety of much more expensive headphones.

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Nine The Total Score

If you want to get a little bit of a serious headset with great battery life, with the JLab Epic, the game is a good choice for you. The touch panel which is easy to operate, jog, or ride your bike.


  • An excellent life of the battery
  • The sound is immersive
  • Very comfortable
  • IP66 waterproof, Sweat-and dust-resistant
  • Adjustable EQ


  • Large shipment of case
  • Not very polite