Jaybird X4 Review

To find a good headset that is relatively easy, but the sport headphones that are a bit more difficult to figure out. Why, you ask? Well, they should be designed to stay in your ears even throughout rigorous action. Jaybird has already made a couple of spectacular sports activities headphones, and now the company is back with another pair of the Jaybird X4 headphones. But it’s the headphones that are excellent for sports activities wear? Or should it maintain a clean and move onto the next thing. This is the Jaybird X4 Review.

Jaybird X4, A Review Of The Project

The first thing that strikes you about the Jaybird X4, headphones is their design, and they are fairly good sports headphones. They seem to be Jaybird headphones, thanks to the relatively thin construction of the black building, with all new features – even though the headphones are also accessible in the “Storm Gray” with the “Glacier” (blue), he points out. The headphones themselves are relatively simple; however, it is not primarily a factor of annoying.

The headphones themselves aren’t very complicated even though they are considerably huge, and you can find out the Jaybird brand on each and every button. Half-way down, the better the cable management is a remote with three buttons, which is charged by a charging cable. In addition to the headphones themselves, you get a total of two pairs of gel earbuds, and three sets of wings and two pairs of reminiscent of the foam from the tips. You will additionally get to the loading of the card holder, along with a carrying case, which is a nice addition.


The Jaybird X4, headphones, are designed to keep you firmly in your ears, and they are quite effective. The in-ear headphones that are relatively comfortable; however, the headphones are a little huge, and as a result you could be in some discomfort during longer listening periods. That said, you’ll get a feel for the game. As I said, the headphones are pretty good in your ears, but you’ll have to try it with different headphones and sports activities, takes time to get the best match possible.

Jaybird X4-Review-Of-Sound

Only as a result of it, the sport headphones, does not mean that they don’t look as good. Fortunately, they do sound reasonably good. Let’s start with the bass, which is relatively deep, and highly effective, without being excessive. The kick drums you can combine it with a combination of relatively effective; however, don’t expect a superb bass-heavy strategy. If you’re a fan of bass, so it’s best to look into other options as well. The course is also likely to be relatively cleverly combined with the relatively warm, lower mid-tones, and high enough for the mid-tones lower than the voice properly.

The highlights are listed here-are good, even though they are usually going to be a bit intrusive. It is a gentle type of body piercing; however, it is still there. In addition to that, there is the right amount of clarity and element, a pair of sports activities headphones in-ear on this worth vary. The in-ear headphones will also be adjusted by means of Jaybird’s app, which is a nice touch. We do not expect that you could get high quality audiophile sound from the application of EQ. However, it is not nevertheless nice to have a few of the management with regard to the response rate.


The Jaybird X4 headphones are fairly efficient underneath the hood. They will add to your listening machine by means of Bluetooth 4.1, and we knew that we wanted them to give-in Bluetooth 5.0, you will continue to receive 10 meters or 33 feet) connectivity. When it comes to the battery, you have about eight hours of use on a charge, which is good, but not spectacular. To other, comparable headphones can cost as much as 12 hours, while, in addition, provide you with a large amount of the bottom of the eight-hour day. The Jaybird X4, headphones are pretty much in the course of the road.

Jaybird X4 Review Conclusion

The Jaybird X4 sports activities headphones have a lot of time for them. They are cleverly designed and a good sound system, so that they can keep their ears in a fairly effective way. It can also be a nice touch – and then you’re going to be able to modify the frequency response to your liking. But they are also the best sports activities earbuds in-ear for its value to be? Well, they are right up there. If you have one of the best sports headphones are a great option for you.

The Top 10 Best Sports In Ear Headphones

Eight The Total Score

Featuring an IPX7 rating for water resistance and a redesigned wing, the successor to Jaybird X3 Wireless Headphones are the best sound for sports, headphones that you are prepared for the wet weather.


  • Surround sound
  • Tight fit
  • Useful for sound customization


  • Some hardness in the upper mid-treble
  • Slow to respond to remote