HyperX Cloud Orbit S Review

In the world of gaming, the headset is becoming highly popular. Great earphones will not only be cheaper, but it’s expensive headphones to get loads of top. This can be seen on the merchandise due to the marauder gaming keyboard with an Arctis For. But now, it’s HyperX for your time, and the all-new HyperX Cloud’s Orbit S. It’s clever, and it makes the prospect of a HyperX headset jack on the audiophile stage all the more exciting. This is the HyperX Cloud, Orbit, Review.

HyperX Cloud, The Orbit S Of The A Review Of The Project

The HyperX Cloud’s Orbit, S the headset is an over-ear headset, with a nice black design. However, the overall design is something that is completely different from that of the previous HyperX headphones we prefer. Of course, there’s a question, why is it so different – it almost follows the general shape and the construction of an Audeze Mobius. Maybe it’s the body that is a key distinction between this headset and a different HyperX headset.

While on the other providing a surface that can be a little bit bald head, this headset is much more complete. There is a nice thick body with loads of padding beneath the scarf on his head, with a prize for the design of high-quality, and much, much more. Everything seems to be more of a premium. Although the HyperX Cloud, the Orbit S, it is not wireless, however, offers a couple of controls. The truth is that it has to offer in audio, 3D, and one that requires some on-board processing, complete with a lead acid battery.

On the left earcup, you may find that a number of the wheel on the headset itself, and on the microphone. It may not be a USB-C port, to pair the headset with a computer, PS4, or Nintendo with a Switch, and an aux line-in port for use with your phone, Switch to the notebook mode, the PS4 controller, and so on and so forth. It provides a fairly wide experience, and even though the wireless feature would have been nice to have, there is, in fact, there are many conditions the place you can’t use the headphone jack. And last, but not least, there is a button to switch between two totally different modes of 3D.

In the box you have pretty much everything you want it to. In addition to the headset itself, there may be an aux cable, the USB-C USB-C USB-cable. It may not be in a carrying case and a detachable microphone.


As I have said, the HyperX The cloud’s Orbit to S you have to fill in enough to go around, along with loads of padding beneath the hood, and the inside of the headphone jack. That said, the headset is a little heavy, with 368 grams), and can due to this fact, if you develop a little out of place below her on the head, however, it is not too much. That mentioned, we nonetheless are in a position to put in the HyperX Cloud’s Orbit, S for hours, and in conclusion, no major problems. It is generally comfortable, and you will have to get used to the workload soon enough.

HyperX Cloud In Orbit Around A Review Of The Sound

Perhaps the very best factor about the headphones is how it sounds, and it sounds good. It is to be anticipated as long as the headset that comes with magnetic drivers in the Audeze, however, still good to listen to. This headset is not only a run for a game – in addition to this, it sounds great for music. The bass response is kind of a good place to start. It is not enough to serious damage to the back, and the lower the frequency to get enough room to breath without being bogged down or going over.

In the mid-tones are a very properly adjusted. The Low and mid-tones are warm to hot, while the high-mid tones, for the supply of loads in a crack to the drums and vocals. The final finish is probably the best factor on the sound from the headphone jack. The sound is clear and detailed, and while true audiophiles may be, or the need for transparency in this headphone, however, spends the vast majority of the different headphones.

Of course, there may be more to this headset than just the frequency response. Thanks to Audeze, there may be loads of fascinating technological know-how beneath the hood. Such as the fact that the Waves, the Nx, delivers 3D audio to make the audio sound such as 7.1 – and even when it is not.


Motion sensors within the phone to your ear compliance, if you turn your head, and the end result is that the sound of the audio you prefer is in the room. It’s much more engaging than the majority of the different 7.1 to include the simulation of the technological know-how, and, although they do not all want to, that is, it is not, however, the value of watching. You have mentioned it, if it happens to you don’t worry about it, in any way, it can save you $30 and you get the usual HyperX Cloud’s Orbit. The battery life is around 10 hours on a single charge, which is pretty decent.

HyperX Cloud, The Orbit S Of The A Review Of The Completed

The HyperX Cloud’s Orbit, S, is a power in the gaming headset world. It is definitely among the best-sounding gaming headsets out there, the more it is designed properly and appears fantastic. Of course, it’s a little bit complicated and hard, but you will get used to it. But it’s the best gaming headset in there, maybe? Well, this is just one of them, while others are a little bit different. That mentioned, if you would like a wireless headset, then the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless is a good option for you, in addition, it provides you with an excellent choice.

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7.5 The Total Score

The player with the various different systems, you also can listen to music on an audiophile-level, you should consider the HyperX Cloud’s Orbit to the S. to the Contrary, it is a lot of money for features that you don’t use it.


  • Great sound
  • The fit is comfortable
  • Lots of options


  • Cumbersome cord of a supply and switch-mode
  • Born out of the software
  • Very expensive