House of Marley Liberate Air Review

You will need to narrow down the noise with all of the things that you buy? If you are looking for a new wireless headset, House of Marley Liberate on the Air in-ear earphones, can be the best option for you. The House of Marley has a few fascinating issues. The company is owned by the Bob Marley family, and create a spread, a audio merchandise, with some very interesting designs. This is the The house of Marley Liberate-the-Air-Review.

The house of Marley Liberate the Air from the Review of the Project

When you buy a Home Old Free-Air headphones, you will be instantly struck by the design. Both the charging and the headphone jack is designed exclusively for you, and we really do like you a lot. The charging case itself is black, with a black powder hood or in a higher and a USB port for the C on the door again. Open the box, and you’ll be greeted with an elegant-looking bamboo floor that matches with the in-ear headphones. In the case, and the caps are mainly produced from recycled supplies, which is nice to see.

The headphones are made out of bamboo and silicone, black and look reasonably good. The bamboo in half for each and every shoot seems to be like he is going to act as a plug – in, however, it is not. In spite of this, there is a small sensor in close contact with the forward half of the bamboo, so that you will be able to manage and play for the amount. We are in favour of the buttons above, and as a result, it means that you don’t have to push the earplugs into your ears, for the function of them.

In this case, one half of the headphones, and the loading of the cassette, you get a USB-C charging machine and a further two headphones – – ear, which brings the total to three couples. The House of Marley has chosen a romance of the search for those headphones, and it works. The use of bamboo makes a distinction between the earphones of the other, as long as they give the impression of being even more of a premium.


The House of Marley Liberate on the Air in-ear earphones that are a bit more expensive than others, true of the wireless headphones, and as a result, some of them may have issues that keep them safe for the regular usage. That said, for the reason that the headphones come with three different ear plugs, just in case you try out completely different ideas, then you have to be ready to discover one thing that blends in very well. Once you have found a pair of earphones that suit your desires, and the headphones are relatively comfortable.

The house of Marley Liberate-the-Air-Review-of-Sound

Maybe it’s a strong factor to think about is how a set of headphones and the sound, the sound is reasonably good. That said, if you are likely to have a very pure thing, they are probably not the headphones for you. The bass on the headphones is most likely the greatest facet in attendance. However, it is not too exaggerated. The kick drums can be hit by way of a mix, while the guitars, the bass, the sound clean and clear. The mids are very well matched.

There seems to be a bit of a scoop in the middle of the display, however, low-to-mid-tones are relatively warm. On the other hand, there is a sufficient excess of the mid-tones in areas like the vocals to reduce it to a mixture of it properly. The highs are not as described, because of the low, but they are not dangerous in any way. There is a substantial amount of clarity and element, a lot of the finishing touches. What else could it be, and welcome, we have discovered that the music was beautiful to listen to.


With the Release of the Air buds of a healthy diet, and the life of the battery is 9 hours, which is a lot better than most of the wireless headphones. The charging case provides an extra 32-hours, so that you don’t have to carry a set of headphones more than once every couple of weeks. They are joined in the hearing system via Bluetooth, a 5.0, and we have found that they have maintained a direct connection with the majority of the time. There have been cases in which the in-ear headphones I had been a little bit out of sync at times; however, they were soon re-established, without any further questions.

The house of Marley Liberate-the-Air-Review-of-Completion

The House of Marley Liberate on the Air in-ear earphones is a strong possibility. They have a beautiful design, glorious battery life, and in addition to that, the sound is fairly good. But it is the most efficient, truly wireless earbuds out there? Well, if it’s vital to purchase a thing that is sustainable – and it should be for everyone, so it’s a great opportunity. However, the JLab Epic Air Elite in-ear earphones are, however, the most dependable alternative on this, it varies solely on the attitude of the headphones, they are the same.

The Best Wireless Headphones To Buy

7.5 The Total Score

As of the Release of the Air, it is not the very best beat for your buck, in terms of the clarity of the audio, it’s eco-conscious consumers can readily listen to it, knowing that it is part of your purchase to the efforts of reforestation.


  • An Eco-friendly design
  • The fit is comfortable
  • The controls are easy


  • Amazing cheap
  • Triple-a lack of detail