House Of Marley Exodus Review

The House of Marley has grown a lot in the last few days. Their headphones are made with sustainable materials from the source. The company’s latest set of headphones is House of Marley’s Exodus, with the over-the-ear-design, nice wood exterior, and so much more. The fact cannot be denied that the House of Marley Exodus headphones-in-ear is well-built, however, it does not sacrifice the audio quality and the richness of that? Let’s find out in our House-Of-Marley-Exodus-Review.


The first thing you’re going to find out about these earbuds is the design and the beauty of the cans. The in-ear headphones have a stylish wooden exterior with a beautiful chrome-plated steel body and a pure leather-based filling for over the ear headphones and under-the-head. The only factor unusual about them is not that it is bad, and much less rounded than that of the other headphones, and that’s a bit more of a curve. How far, far away, on the headphones, beautiful. On the right of the headphone jack, you can see the on/off button and one USB-C port of loading.

We are very happy that the House of Marley’s got it right here for you with the USB-to-C – – – it is 2020, and all of the new in-ear headphones need to be charged via a USB port that is-(A) is not Micro-usb. On the right of the headphone jack, do you have a volume control and a media control button, in combination with an auxiliary port for wired use. In the box you can see that in addition to the headphones themselves, a nice carrying case, a USB-C charging cable and an aux cable with a remote control. It is a nice choice in equipment, and it is simply everything you want for every day use.


The House of Marley Exodus headphones-in-ear-comes with a beautiful, high-quality material and is very filling, which makes for an environment is typically a comfortable fit. That said, the slightly different shape of the influence we have found that the headphones do not rest directly on the ear, and even though it’s not a huge drawback, it’s one thing to get used to it. Despite the fact that, once you get used to the design, you are going to have the pleasure of using a set of headphones. After a long listening periods, the chances are that you’re going to feel some discomfort in your head, but that is to be expected for over-the-ear headphones.


The House of the Old The exodus headphones would have to have been built with sustainable materials to source, however, it is not the House of the Old to sacrifice the quality of the sound. Fortunately, it is not the Exodus of the headphones sound pretty good. That being said, there are a number of facts that you should consider. Let’s start with the bass, which is thick, heavy, and highly effective. The kick drums have just the beat for a mix, while the bass, guitars and synthesizers, that you can in any other case, take a seat.

The medium is not completely overlapping, however, it is not a bad thing. There are a ton of low-mid response, which not only creates a warm, round sound, but it also borders on muddiness. The excess of the mid-tones are usually sufficient to ensure that an outstanding vocal presence, however, is greatly overshadowed by the low mid-tones. The highs sound nice, however, it may not be nearly enough. It is an undeniable fact that it is a heavy bass, and a headphone jack.

Although the excess of the frequencies that are obtained from the sound-well, if they’re going to be in the mix, it’s going to be a little boring if they don’t fit together very well. But on the bottom of his followers, the House of Marley Exodus headphones have a whole lot to supply.



With the Exodus headphones, plug in your device to an unspecified version of Bluetooth, and will offer you a listening range of 10 meters, or 33 feet. We have found that the headphones, you can usually keep an excellent connection without any interruption or delay. The headphones also have a battery life of 30 hours, which is pretty good. There are some headphones with a long battery life, however, 30 hours is a good amount, and it should be more than enough for many people.

House-Of-Marley-Exodus-Review Conclusion

The House of Marley Exodus headphones, it has a lot to offer. They are fantastically designed, and compared to the fit, and the frequency response is not everything we need, however, it is quite nice down the line lovers out there. Of course, it could be further from the truth than that the headphones are built through the provision of sustainable goods– which is all the time a plus. But this is one of the best wireless headphones, as its high price tag?

If you just want to design a bass-heavy sound of the answer, and then they are good headphones, however, if you want a flatter frequency response, and do not concern themselves with the design of the wood, and then something like the Audio-Technica ATH-WS990BT, it may be the best choice for you.

The Best In Ear Headphones Noise Cancelling

7.5 The Total Score

The exile-ANC trips up the most resources, but its balanced sound that is very refreshing.


  • Very comfortable
  • The availability of sustainable materials
  • The great life of the battery
  • Good sound


  • Lack of noise cancellation
  • The physical switch can be rattling