Focal Stellia Review

Focal has made a name for the delivery of high-quality headphones, and considering that it is not at all times probably the most reasonably priced, and they usually provide a high-quality audio to the premium quality and exquisite design. We have found this to be true for several weeks in the past, a time that we look at the Focal Utopia’s-ear earphones, and now it is the Focal length of Stellia time. Just like the Focal Utopia’s-ear earphones, the Focal length of Stellia-ear earphones are designed to provide you with the most effective of the most effective. This is the A Focal Length Of Stellia Review.

A Focal Length Of Stellia In A Review Of The Project

The very first thing that you have to find out the Focal length of Stellia headphones is their design, and they are adorable. They are the most fantastically designed that the Focal Utopia’s-ear earphones, due to the fashion of the bronze coloring scheme. As well as the different Focal length of the headphones, the Focal length of Stellia-ear earphones provide a high-quality appearance. Headphones are primarily made from white, with a pleasant, full-grain leather and a great feel to it.

As I said, the headphones have a nice bronze coloring scheme, with a darker, black pepper, through the use of headphones along with the headphones and on the head. From the first look, each piece in the headphone jack, it appears and feels premium, and that, in addition to that goes on underneath the hood. The in-ear headphones is made with Beryllium drivers that are dedicated to delivering a dynamic and quality of sound, of course, that we’re going to focus on later on.

In addition to the headphones themselves, the box includes a 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch adapter, a removable cord, and a fantastically designed and robust, and expensive to shoot. It’s good to see even though you most likely do not need to take these headsets on the road.


The The Focal length Stellia headphones, in addition to really feel fairly competent. As I have said, they will work with premium leather-based, and the foam inside the headphones and the head, offering a listening experience that sounds just as comfortable with it because it looks good. Thanks to the padded headband and many of the padding within the headphones, I had been in a position to put on the headphones for hours at a time to complete. There may not be enough room for adjustment for those with larger heads.

A Focal Length Of Stellia-Review-Of-Sound

In the final analysis, is an essential factor to take into account is the way in which the headphones sound, and how you are going to share the us $3000 for headphones, a Focal length of Stellia headphones, the sound is pleasant. Just like the Focal Utopia’s-ear earphones, these will provide you with the extensively heard the Beryllium drivers in the center, and in conjunction with a good headphone amplifier, and the pattern is unmistakable. One of the most interesting issues about these headphones is how dynamic the song is.

The ear buds stay in the correct, precise and detailed account of the whole dynamics of the building so that the overall effect is one of the most distinguished parts of a track that is in the picture. The frequency response is incredibly accurate. The Low-end is racy and does the right thing, but doesn’t get bogged down. The Focal length you have determined to go with the low-end response, which we admire, and we make sure that different audiophiles are going to do the same thing. The Mids on these headphones are appropriately matched, whereas for the high-end is incredibly detailed and accurate.

Given the fact that it’s a closed-back headphone, you will be significantly finer quality of sound than earbuds, because the Focal Utopia’s-ear earphones. There is a narrow range of sound, however, is how these headphones are built to guarantee that the music continues to be productive and accurate, much more so than on the other closed back headphones.

A Focal Length Of Stellia Review Conclusion

A Focal length of Stellia set of headphones is an absolute pleasure, after all, and they do not seem to be suitable for everyone. If you’re an audiophile who wants the most effective quality of sound, and it would be for the benefit of a closed-back design, this is actually the best option available to you. Most people will still need to avoid the sky-high price for this headset go for something a bit more reasonable.

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Nine The Total Score

The Focal Stellias combination of high-quality, hand-crafted, with a nice open sound, and the sound is mind-blowingly good, but the $3000 price may be a little over the top.


  • Impressive, accurate sound
  • The studio is open
  • Comfortable
  • Opulent Design


  • Expensive
  • A potentially really great for listening on the move