EQQO Review

Being blind is an advantage in video games for many years to come. It is often restricted to only one position of the impact point is the lack of imaginative and prescient is one thing that is as easy to understand as a game mechanic. The thought of a blind main character, though, perhaps, very interesting. In the absence of the ability to see, after all, it comes with its own set of challenges, and that the nature didn’t find a way of looking at the world in which they live, they would find a way to make a bunch of fascinating and, most likely, heartbreaking stories to tell. This is the EQQO Review.

EQQO Review

  • Platform: Android, Oculus Rift, PC, Switch
  • From the developer: Parallel To The Studio
  • Date Of Issue: 7 feb 2020

The gameplay

Eqqo seems to be in order to do this, considering that, in addition to telling the story of the egg of a god. Use Eqqo of a mother who serves as narrator for the information, Eqqo, by means of the dream-world of the game. If you are not able to see it, Eqqo, to surf on the planet, it’s the sound of you playing in the background, particularly within the timeframe of the game, a point-and-click on journey. On this trip, you’ll be able to quickly of the egg of a serpent, and the god who calls you Enkolal, and this is the start of your trip to get information, Eqqo, and the egg is the most secure on the planet.

Each and every one and each and every part of the Eqqo, it’s a single scene in 3-d for a wide variety of stars, and you can’t change it, change your point of view. You can see a full 360 levels, in his view, and that it is of the utmost importance. As a result of this is that it’s not going to be easy for you to find out the different mechanisms by which they can find a way to help you with the Eqqo progress. You’ve spent most of the time, moving the levers, they can actually tell Eqqo to put your hand in the hole and throwing rocks at various objects.

It can be very, very rare for that to take place to a degree, it requires a lot more consideration than it is to figure out a swap or two, and I’ve almost never felt so excited for you to deal with a new problem in my life. At times, there is a certain amount of pleasure, because on the little guys, and that’s a huge shadow of a monster, and we all need to be part of the Enkolalcontents. Usually, it is the method in which the eggs are safe to fly again, or throwing of objects on to the picture to be in the consultation, to the design of the plan, which has been a very intimidating though.

One of the problems with the forms, time-critical, that is, the management of the game, it’s clunky, more elegant, and with the help of the software of management of the program. It was clear that the Eqqo, it has been designed with the RV and the mobile unit back and forth in my thoughts. – Touch and gyro controls can be a little tricky, and it’s a Joy, however, is Constantly on the really feel it is a very step by step. With a third of the Eqqo, that is the only drawback, and it hurts the game’s most important moments.

I love the thought of serving in the Eqqo, along with some of the obstacles, in view of the limitations of blind spots in it, Eqqo, it is, in fact, it is rarely used as a game mechanic. Accidentally walking into the hazard, which corresponds to a pit or an enemy, and he only stops when he is close to. It feels just like the builders lost out on a chance to Eqqo-the lack of insight is a vital part of the game, because they feel that they are really by no means to transfer it a personality that is round, with a grade level and click on journey game.

EQQO Review

This is the thinking of the narrative is used, Eqqo, the scenario is a lot more fascinating methods, and the pain in the voice of his mother, when he is confronted with obstacles, and it is noticeable. Eqqo, in the face of some of the vital pitfalls in the search for her mother’s history, in fact, brings out the emotion of the scene. The story was so unusual, however, I found out that they would charge a lot less fun. In this world, Eqqo, it’s lovely, with a beautiful coloration palette and beautiful design. The temple is in ruins and in the deep blue caves, the environment in which you spend your time to wash up, happy to take a look at it.

One of only a few non-binding targets within the Eqqo you have to go breaking stuff to get together in the history of the attacks. The roll must have had at least two still images, which can be a little bit more information on the lore of the game. Although it is found on the rolls, it is, in particular, is vital to an understanding of the game, and it’s a work of art, it is gentle enough that I found myself trying to in the pots and smash them all over the world.

EQQO Review Conclusion

Eqqo, it’s a game that doesn’t means you could take advantage of to my opinion. The idea of a blind protagonist, was fascinating. However, by the uninspired puzzles, and a dangerous management, has meant that I have not really felt invested in their journey. It doesn’t matter how good of a world. When you’re spending most of your time there, and it can be annoying after a few times. We hope you like our article on EQQO Review.

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