Creative Outlier Air Review

In the past year has been a busy year for the Creative, and the audio is the veteran in charge of everything, from the sound card to the monitors in the studio. SXFI technology, such as those that can be found in the Creative SXFI-Air headphones, you must have been impressed with their excellent new stereo separation on headphones. And now, turning their attention to the true wireless of the charts with the announcement of the Group Air, with no significant effect. This is the The Creative Outlier-Air-Review.

Although it does not have the same SXFI technology that operates over your ears, they are still a top-notch pair of wireless headphones, and really pushing what they’re capable of with a budget-oriented set of truly wireless earbuds.

The Creative Outlier-Air-Review Design

If you are not familiar with the form factor, the Creative Outlier-Air headphones for your ear to carry on the tradition of the other true wireless headset. In essence, they are entirely wire-free, with only the area around your ears. Each has its own on-board battery and can be recharged by plugging them into the case to charge.

The buttons are curved in the shape of a dome that, unlike the toothbrush, it looks to you the Apple AirPods, or RHA TrueConnect. The buttons are black with silver accents, the load of the case, in particular, silver-gray in color.

They are light weight and comfortable on the ear (though they do stick out a little bit for each and every with regard to look at), and to hold it securely in the ear canal, which means that you don’t have to worry about them falling off as you travel around. With a high level of water resistance IPX5, the Creative Outlier-Air spikes and will survive a sweaty workout or a rainy day, just don’t charge them until they are completely dry and try to hang out with them.

Each cap of the ear-also, there is a button on the outside of the shell. Depending on how many times you press each of the plug from the jack, it can also be used to control a lot of different things, from playing to answer the phone calls, and even turning on your hands-free voice assistant, be it Google, Assistant, or helper, Siri, on your iPhone. However, these buttons can be quite stiff, and pressing it while the buds in your ears are very uncomfortable. A touch-sensitive pad, it would be more convenient for you, even though we can imagine that the omission of it is part of an attempt to arrive at a value oriented price point.

The charging case itself is a little on thick side. It is certainly not heavy, with just 54 grams), but about a 7.5-cm x 4 cm x 2.5 cm (L x W x D), you will realize that it is the best pocket for your mobile phone, thanks to its girth.

The case charges via the USB-to-C and it has four indicator lights that tell you whether each and every shoot is load, and if in the case you are loading, and if it is the case that it is loading, the buttons are on the inside. Pushing on one end of the case, a retractable seat that appears to push out the plug from the jack, it magnetically snaps into place, in order to activate them.


Red shift of light in the blue circle is the plug for the Creative Outlier the Air when you take them out of their homes. This indicates that they are ready to be found and paired up by using Bluetooth device of your choice, with the first kidney paired to be set up for the session, as an essential component in the bud, if you want to go mono with a single plug-in. Reversing this is as simple as replacing the home button in the case of a load, and leave the other one plugged in.

The buds will turn off when you put it back in its case, and it will automatically sync up again when they are removed if they are within a range of 10 feet to permit the device to a Bluetooth device. It is in a way that is consistent the connection is stable, we have not had any problems with drop-outs during the entire period of the test.

The Creative Group-Air headphones, also the use of aptX over Bluetooth in 5.0. This will help you to maintain a stable connection, and that is the key to keeping the audio in sync with all the videos that you watch on your tablet or smartphone. The buttons can also squeeze the best possible audio quality from that of the SBC and codecs: AAC, giving you exceptional audio from your digital files (on supported devices.

The Creative Outlier-Air-Review: Performance

When it comes to sound quality, the Creative Outlier-Air headphones, they’re surprisingly good. They provide a lot of clarity, but it will also lower the power of which we haven’t seen in other places, it’s actually the wireless space. There is a risk that the medium may be overwhelmed at times. Still, it’s Creative just about manages to keep it all under control, for an enjoyable listening experience – the Creative Group has an Air of a true ‘glamour’ tends to be losing out to other models in a real wireless category, using a 5.6 mm driver with a graphic of a coat in each ear.

Depending on the device with which they are combined, they can jump very high, but it is the sense of stereo separation, which is very impressive. There is a great sense of space when listening to, for example, Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold”, in which the opening of the guitar harmonics ring out like the pluckers, the drums, the harmonica, and slide guitar weaving in and around each other.

With the Neil Young theme in mind, and the Saint Etienne’s cover of ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart,” with its synthesized keyboard and drums, the thunder of moody’s, without a lame bass line. Hankies at the ready, and Elliott Smith, the vocal-only “I don’t Understand’ show us a fascinating insight into the Creative Outlier, Air caps, you are able to do with Smith’s rolling voice flowing out smoothly, allowing you to hear the vulnerability in his voice to the tragic singer.

If you have to use the headphones to talk to, you’ll be pleasantly surprised very much, each and every button on the microphone, taking it down to clean up the conversations along the way. The Creative Group has been Transmitted, it has a real flaw, it’s in the shape of a tuning negatively, can increase bone conduction. To be clear, it’s that feeling of listening to the sound of your own body, through his ears, the thud of each step you walk with them.

If you’re still listening to them, they are great, but if you take a brisk walk, or (even worse) hit the mat, it can be extremely annoying. Of course, everyone’s ears are slightly different, so for some people, it may not be an obvious problem. But it is more noticeable here, for this reviewer, which, in any of the buffer in memory, so it’s at least worth a careful look.

The Creative Outlier-Air Review: Battery Life

The Creative Outlier-Air-Review

The service life of the battery and the plug of the ear is also close to the top of the class – an amazing effort considering the price. According to Creative, you are entitled to up to 10 hours per charge on the caps of the ear, and the other 20 hours in the case of (or two of the most complete top to get a total battery life of 30 hours. It is an affirmation of that, it seems reasonable to playing at deafening volume to the max, and we were able to get almost 9 hours of plant in a single charge. The event itself will be uploaded in about 2 hours with a reasonable amount of time, and that includes pressing the buttons if they are on the case, while at the same time.

Pricing and Availability

The Creative Group: Air, truth, ear plugs, without cord, are a real bargain at only £ 74.99/$79.99 (about £ 140), when purchased directly from Creative. You have to pay more if you can get them from some place like Amazon, so if this is the case, go straight to the source. With superb sound quality and long battery life, which is a steal, especially when compared to rivals such as the Samsung Galaxy’s Panel, or the Apple AirPods, which, while clever, is not to be compared to the Creative Outlier-Air, in terms of the quality of the sound.

The Creative Outlier-Air Review: Conclusion

In addition to the above mentioned external noise, the Creative Outlier Ares if not, they are a great pair of real headphones without the cord. They will select the top three boxes, you will need to start from the form factor, top-notch sound quality, a comfortable fit, and impressive battery life. The fact that you are able to do this at the very affordable price makes them even more attractive.

Nine The Total Score

The Creative Group, Air the truth, and the wireless headphones sound great and are only let down by a label, which exaggerates the sound of your footsteps.


  • The fit is comfortable
  • Sounds great
  • Sound of the life of the battery