Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT Review

Corsair’s flagship K95 is a keyboard for the games that come for the first time in 2013, and with the RGB model coming in a year later. The company has upgraded to the Platinum model-RGB K95, and in the fallfor 2021, with an RGB light bar, and Cherry MX as the speed changes, in addition to the MX blue and brown switches. In its most recent iteration, the Corsair K95 RGB, Platinum, XT, add the first-class Double-Shot keycaps, and hopefully Elgato Flow of the Deck support of the software for the macro keys (up to six) on the left-hand side, and an award-winning, a padded wrist rest. This is the The Corsair K95 RGB-Platinum-XT-Review.

The Corsair K95 RGB, Platinum, XT-Revised: Design of

If you have used any of the Corsair’s high-end mechanical keyboards in the past few years, it is almost certain that you know what to anticipate in terms of their physical structure. The deck is made up of a single curved piece of brushed aluminium. The unique media controls, and a nice metal volume wheel, and sit up on the block in digital control of the light, and a Windows key lock in the upper-right corner. Six special keys in your macro (which can now be used with the popular Elgato Streaming the Deck which is software that runs on the left side.

There are two major changes taking place in the physical, it is compared with the 2017 at the earliest (for non-XT model. Highly durable, premium feeling, Double shot keycaps are all standard. They are made with two layers of white plastic with a clear bottom to allow the RGB light to shine through the top, which, in addition to a feeling of high quality and durable and should be able to help them to resist the stains and wear and tear.

Corsair has also included the S-caps to replace the pre-installed G-caps, should you feel the need to state more directly what the extra buttons are there for the live Stream of the Deck on duty. Textured keys for the WASD and QWERDF caps are also included, to help your fingers find their place on the FPS or a MOBA titles.

In the second method, the rubber grip support in the previous iteration, it has now been replaced with a padded leather palm rest. The wrist support is not as comfortable as the loose HyperX wrist support, but it is a significant improvement over the rubber, or a hard-and-soft-to-the-touch-of-plastic-and more than the wrist rest. My main complaint is that the magnets are strong, it is caught by the clips on the plastic under the keyboard, which feel like they might break off after years of use, and if you’re not careful. Due to the high price of this keyboard is that it is not a good thing.

As for so many years, the Products use a thin, permanently connected to the wire twisted together, making the K95 in RGB-Platinum, WT is a bit clunky, and a lot less travel-friendly than the models with the removable USB-C cables, such as the HyperX’s League Sources. However, you do get a USB 2.0 pass-through port on the back of the cable core is mounted in the middle, and the cable guide from the holes in the bottom. This makes for a K95 RGB, and Platinum is a much better choice for the people who do all their gaming and writing into a single fighting unit.


There are two software programs that you want to install in order to make the most of the Corsair RGB. The company, iCue software is a robust program that allows you to do everything from controlling lighting, to coordinating the lighting with the other to the compatible Products and devices, the creation of macros and with the management of onboard storage.

In spite of the iCue is not the most intuitive piece of software, you can do a lot with it, and they have a forum where people post hundreds of a download profile light. It does not matter how much fun they are to play, the one most commonly used in the iCUE is the Moment of Illumination that allows you to choose a single light color for all of your devices easily. Conveniently, black is a color that you can choose to turn off all the lights, so that you are able to watch a movie, or take a break in the flashing RGB rainbow.

The other is the software keyboard that works with the Elgato Streaming to the Deck. The Products repurchased Elgato in mid-2018 at the earliest, and the hardware and software that is extremely popular with game, games and YouTubers. It makes sense for the Products you’d like to add support for the Flow of a Deck of cards in their gaming hardware.

By using the Flow of the Deck, you can easily program for six-especially the macro keys on the left-hand side of the K95 RGB, Platinum, WT, to perform any task. To match the standard of the program, and the recording of video to a broad range of chat, tasks, to change your voice on games and much, much more. One more time, Elgato’s hardware and software are in high demand amongst the gamers, with a vast community, that is, the creation of plug-ins that allow you to do just about everything at the touch of a button.

In summary, although there is room for improvement, the software for the Corsair K95 RGB, Platinum, XT, is engineered to perform, is second to none. While you may have to mix it up a little bit to figure out how to perform certain tasks that are specific to it (especially with the iCUE), there is a lot of functionality here that allows you to do a lot with the keyboard. My only real objection to it is that it’s a little weird to have two pieces of software for the control of the keyboard. I hope that the next time, the Products will combine the functions of both in a software package, for the sake of simplicity.

The Corsair K95 RGB, Platinum, XT-Revised: Performance,

While other keyboard business contributed with a switch to the policy-makers in the design of its mechanical switches, or the experiment of an optical and analogue technology, the Products have complied with the tried and tested Cherry MX switches. Two out of the three options – MX, – Speed, and the MX Brown have been updated for greater reliability, with the promise of up to 100 million keystrokes. But, the Products delivered to us on the keyboard with the clicky MX Blue switches, which can “only” deal with a 50 million key presses. The difference is not likely to be anything to worry about, unless you’re a young, productive player who has planned to carry out on your keyboard for decades to come.

The Corsair K95 RGB-Platinum-XT-Review

I would prefer the Blue switches for typing, which makes for a K95 RGB, and Platinum, excellent for my daily writing and work. With a classic design, the Corsair K95, I felt aware of throughout the game. But the clicky Blue switches are not the best in the game, and I lose the linear feel of the red switches or the short-to-action on MX-Speed shifts when the shooting and looting my way through mass effect 3. If the game play is your number one priority, I’m going to stay away from the MX Blue switches as much as I do, I want them to and the type of tasks. Those who are interested in parameters other than the three of Cherry, the options that are offered here, you’ll find what you’re looking for another place.

The Corsair K95 RGB-Platinum-XT-Review: the Conclusion

I’ve tried many mechanical keyboards over the years, and they tend to go back to the Corsair models, I’m not looking for anything else. I love both of your outfits, and I love the control of the media, and luxurious volume to the scroll wheel. The inclusion of the Double shot keycaps and wrist rest to make the Corsair K95 RGB, Platinum, XT is easily the best version yet. And that’s before you see that the Elgato software support can keep you from spending more than $100 on a dedicated Flow Lines.

But, at least, that this new keyboard is going to save you from making the purchase, for $200 it’s a terrible amount to ask for in a mechanical keyboard, and today, even though it is one of the best. If you don’t need them all, consider one of the many most affordable models in the Corsair. For more options, check out our list of the Best Games on the Keyboard

9.5 The Total Score

The Corsair K95 RGB, Platinum, XT, is a subtle one, but it’s worth it, the story of the Corsair’s excellent K95 model.


  • Authentic Cherry MX switches
  • Beautiful RGB light
  • Elgato’s streaming functionality
  • A comfortable wrist rest