Cleer Next Review

You may not have heard of, Cleer, of the Audio, but the San Diego-based audio company, made a great impression at the CES for 2021 in Las Vegas with its latest line-up of speakers and headsets, including the Cleer the Next one. The company accounts for the high-level specification of the cans as an audiophile headphone in my ear. They are of Cleer, the patented design of the engine, which uses 20 strategically layered rare earth magnets, instead of the usual iron magnets. And now, here we are, with our Cleer The Next Revision.

In accordance with the Cleer, that is what leads to the improvement of the efficiency and low distortion, which should make your music sound good. But it is Cleer Close to worth it the hefty price tag? We put it on the wire and the headphone to the test to find out the answer.

Cleer, For The Next Revision Of The Design

It’s not often that we pay a lot of attention to the packaging, but it’s all about the design of the Cleer the Next it feels very luxurious. In essence, it seems that a lot of care had to be taken from the show such as the real leather case that comes with these open-back headphones. The in-ear headphones, in fact, a striking look, with a metallic purple-and-black color scheme and the design of the architecture, which stresses the hardware such as hinges and screws, the overall effect is a bit industrial, which is in contrast with the sleek lines of the Sony T-1000XM3.

It is not the design that’s going to appeal to everyone, but it is not uncommon for the audiophile’s headphones to be a bit more bulky than the less high-spec models. A set of headphones on and his head is covered with a thick skin, which means that they are not suitable for people who avoid the use of animal by-products. The generous padding and the feel of the headphones, making them feel very comfortable to wear for long listening sessions – even though the weight of the headphones, it takes some time to get used to it, and after a period of time, you can find it on the top of his head is a little sore.

At the bottom of each ear cup you’ll find an audio jack so you can connect the cable to both the left and right sides of these well-balanced headphones. This is to reduce the electromagnetic interference (emi) through the generation of unwanted noise can be a problem to balance the headphones, making the audio sound better at the source. This is an audio cable ending in a 3.5 mm stereo jack, but you’ll also get a 6.5 mm adaptor, which is useful if you want to use the Cleer in Conjunction with other audio components such as AV receivers or music streamer.

The Cleer then, it comes with a leather carrying case with a pocket for the headphones themselves, and a zippered pocket for your cables and cords. The interior of the bag is lined with a soft, furry material which will keep your cans safe from abrasions.


If you’re looking for mod-cons such as wireless connectivity, noise reduction, or a built-in support for the voice assistant, you’re not going to find them in the Cleer Next to the headphone jack. They are exclusively made to sit back and enjoy the music, and, as such, Cleer has been primarily focused on the technology of the audio in the cans, rather than additional resources. As we alluded to earlier, the Cleer Close to headphones feature 40mm Ironless drivers, magnesium, membrane, designed to reduce distortion, delivering a vibrant sound.

Cleer, For The Next Revision Of The Performance

When we listen with our Denon PMA-60 amp, we noticed the amount of detail these headphones offer a clear, wide open sound with a good separation between the left and right channels. We put them to the test, with the chaotic sound of Death Grips’ if you are Giving the wrong People Ideas, and as the trail descended into messy distorted guitars, crashing drums, digital, and radio interference, if it could have been any element of it with ease. The vocals were the highlight, without a sound, out loud, while the bass is tightly controlled, and animated.

The theme continued as we heard Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic with a limitation of the synthesizers and bouncing bass lines, treated with skill and musicality. The people around us, they realized that they could easily hear what we were listening to, which is typical for open-back headphones, which let the air in and out of the ear. Even though this has resulted in a more ‘open’ sound, this does not mean that these cans are not well suited to listening to in public unless you want everyone to listen to your cheesy taste in music).

Of course, tons of Hoppípolla by Sigur Rós, there’s still a certain level of detail, with a dream of sun-kissed vocals and big orchestral motifs, which add a sense of space in the mix. These are the most dynamic of headphones we’ve ever heard? Don’t, and sometimes you need a little bit more of a vibe, and maybe a little bit more of the heat in the studio. It all sounds a lot more accurate, and as long as it’s not a bad thing on the audiophile, ear headphones the Cleer Close to does not have an unusually big sound, which is a Focal length of Stellias as compelling as they are specified.

In the next the music of Sigur Rós, they make the best of the best, though, Gobbledigook by beating the drums, clapping their hands, and the changing of the chords of the guitar provide the perfect setting for the angelic falsetto voices, the tongue-twisting harmony.

Pricing and Availability

The Cleer Close to the headphones are available now for $699/â£699; around US$1040, but we have yet to receive an official Australian price. It is very expensive, if you compare that with our state-of-the-art for 2021 and the Sony T-1000XM3 Wireless, which costs about one-half the value of the us $349/£300/AU$499. It is not uncommon for the audiophile headsets costing more than $500 and the Focal length of Stellias is one of our favourite headphones, and you buy it, you will have to part with an astonishing $3000/£2,799 (roughly US$4,200).

Cleer On To The Next Page Of The Completed

It’s impossible not to be impressed by the superb sound quality offered by Cleer Close to the headphones; the sound is exceptionally detailed and clear, (and a few more) that you’d expect from headphones with a high price tag. The design is a distinctive taste, and can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming – the Cleer Close to it feels very well constructed, with great attention to detail in its construction and presentation. Feature-wise, the Cleer one another, not to compete with the Sony T-1000XM3 – but that’s not my intention to do so. These are the headphones to plug into your amp, sit back, and enjoy your music, you need a high-fidelity, and for that purpose they are perfect. Check out our listing of the Best Audiophile ear Headphones the to more.

8 The Total Score

The Cleer Close to the over-ear headphones are designed for audiophiles, and it did not disappoint. With the ground-breaking drivers, and first-class design, and they look and sound the part, even if they are not the most dynamic of headphones we’ve ever heard – or more cheaply, by the way.


  • Amazing clarity
  • Large studio apartment
  • Sturdy build


  • Very expensive
  • A little bit heavy