Cleer Enduro 100 Review

Cleer Enduro 100 Review

Cleer has been doing it tough of headphones to the value of the number of years. The company may not be as well-known as Nike, and Sony, and a set of headphones usually are not nearly as good as either. If, however, you need to first-rate headphones for cheap, is it worth, Cleer headphones is the price the god of all. Now the company is back with a brand new peer – to Cleer the first Enduro 100 of the headphones. The most essential to make here, is that Cleer says it is going to last for at least 100 hours on a single battery charge. This is the Cleer’s Endurance 100’s Review.

Cleer’s Endurance 100’s Revision Of The Design

As with any new product, the design is such that you’ll instantly find a set of headphones. They are very dangerous, willing to the headphones; however, the overall feeling it leaves a bit to be desired when it comes to the construction of the highest quality. We did not mean she had the feeling that the headphones would break, however, questions as to the fit of a scarf, and turn on the headset to transfer a little too much for the way you like it.

The in-ear headphones can be found in two totally different colors together with the Navy and “Coronado Sand.” We evaluated the navy model, and it does not seem to be dangerous. In the mix with the black, as it is used in other places, the headphones, and they usually have a high-quality appearance.

On the phone to the left, you can see a lot of the controls and features. You get to the controls of the quantity and of the play, and there’s a USB-C port on the bottom of the headphone jack. The one factor that is missing inside of the headphones to the 3.5 mm port on the part of the field, do you have a USB-C is a 3.5 mm adapter, so if you need to use the headphones in wired mode, you will be able to, though.

In addition to the headphones and the adapter, you will additionally get a USB-a to USB-a (C-a charging cable and a nice carrying case. It is one of the highest quality, choice of equipment, although a strong case that the transport is all the time welcome.


The Cleer Motorcycle 100 in ear headphones are the right amount of padding within the headphones, and given that the clip is in place soft a tight fit, and the padding ensures that it’s not a huge loss. It can be a little bit of padding inside the head – but a little more would have been nice to have. The in-ear headphones in general are not very heavy. However, I have noticed that after several hours of listening, at the top of my head, and it grew, and became pretty uncomfortable. That said, it wasn’t a problem, and you can get a feel for it.

The sound

This is why it’s worth it, you would have to anticipate the Cleer The first Enduro 100 of the headphones sound fairly good, and, by chance, they will do it. The bass response to begin with, when it comes to generating a highly effective and safe, and it provides enough space for the kick and the drums to beat from a mix. Fortunately, the bass is not overdone – there’s a little bit bogged down here. While on the lower level, there is an elevator and is not suitable for an audiophile who is in need of a fair and sound, it is, however, not to an extent that it sounds dangerous.

The course is set; however, it’s not going to sound very dangerous. There is a certain amount of low-mid tone, which is a comparative study of heat, sound, and it does not seem to be a huge harvest in excess of the mid-tones. The result is that issues such as the vocals and the lead synth is pushed a bit back into the match, however, the majority of them don’t have any problem with it at all.

The highlights of these headphones, the sound is pleasant; however, it’s a little bit more of a glow and the element would have been welcome. It certainly is not awful; however, it is a more harm than the extension of the time for good prices. You do not get issues such as the noise of a discount here, so we don’t anticipate it. The isolation of the headphones is good, however, if you are in search of a thing that excludes the skin of the world, you have to keep going for.

Cleer Motorcycle 100 In The Analysis Of The Performance Of

Maybe it’s the great factor about these headsets is that of the Motorcycle 100 in-ear earphones, in terms of Cleer, in the end, at least a 100 hours on a charge. Now, after all that, we would not be able to take a look at what, precisely, in a few days; however, we can say that it made for a very long time. We are by no means carried out these headphones, as well as for the entire test. The Cleer the first Enduro 100 of headphones to take part in your listening to gadget by means of Bluetooth, a 5.0, and it was actually related to the course of our checks. In addition to this feature the aptX and HD, they usually have a more meaningful experience for the listener.

Cleer Enduro 100 Review Conclusion

The Cleer the first Enduro 100 of the headphones has been a nice shock to the system for us. Although, once again, for the construction of a high-quality leaves a little to be desired as the headphones are, however, comparatively, the fit is comfortable and the sound is reasonably good. If you are looking for headphones that also offer incredible battery life with a nice sound system, this is most likely the suitable alternative. Of course, there are many different options to take into consideration, such as the UrbanEars America headphones, which provide the most fair response to the frequency of evil, and they are a little more comfortable.

The Best In Ear Headphones Noise Cancelling

Eight The Total Score

Excellent quality audio, advanced features, and battery life for days (literally) to make these mini for the price the headphone is easy to recommend.


  • Super light-weight, and stylish
  • Great sound
  • Bluetooth 5, aptX, with the Siri, Google’s fast-pair-USB-C
  • The marathon is the shelf life of the battery


  • It is not as comfortable as they could be
  • No active noise cancellation