Beats PowerBeats 3 Review

The PowerBeats 3, there is a private fitness headset, which is now owned by Apple, it shows the W1 chip, giving you even more power to the inside of the Apple eco-system. The one that is further away from the Apple tie-in, but it does mean that, once connected to an iPhone or an iPad, it recognizes them, the MacBook, or Apple Watch to pair with your iCloud account. So you can say good-bye to a long pairing session, in theory, at least. The Powerbeats, the 3’s are getting a bit long, but, although it is still among the best-performing headsets, in the year 2020. This is the Beats PowerBeats 3 Review.

However, due to the launch of the PowerBeats Pro in Mayfor 2021 at the latest, in the training of those in another, more recent option for high quality audio. We also expect to see the rumors of the Powerbeats 4 of this year, and we think that’s going to combine it with the ear hook design of the Powerbeats Pro in the neck of the Powerbeats is 3. The W1 has a chip, also has a strong and long, drawn-out connection, which means that you can go a lot further in his music, without any kind of jumps or cuts.

Since the launch of the Powerbeats is 3, then the W1 chip has been adopted by Apple, the H1 chip, which can be found on the 2019 Apple AirPods, AirPods and the Beats Powerbeats Pro, as with any fitness, you are going to say to you, the headphones you plan on walking or exercising, the need to fit in as well. The on-hook-the-ear design of Beats PowerBeats-3 is designed to keep the earphones from falling out with a number of tips to ensure a proper fit, although it has not always been perfect, from our own experience.

Beats PowerBeats 3 Review: Design

The design of the PowerBeats 3 does not deviate from the previous iteration, using the buttons on the time-of-plastic-elongated with the hooks of the rubber, in their ears, and, of course, what is seen is that the Chat right next to that is the cachet that a brand has on its hands. There are a number of suggestions in the box with the flange on top one of our favorites. However, as far as the design of the hook ensures that the headphones don’t fall out of your head completely, this means that the seal in the ear is not complete – the-hook, pressing it against the side of the outside of your ear, you can drill holes in the tips for a little bit, so that the sound insulation is not that great in the end.

Firstly, the hooks were too big, and it’s PowerBeats 3 fell out of his ear, and swung a lot more often. However, the glass will bend a little bit, and if you narrow the angle, you get a fairly snug fit. They have started to drop in once in a race where there was no time to stop and set the hooks properly, and then just let them flap a little, but otherwise, we don’t have a problem with the settings during the test.

The on / off button, which is right over the top of the long drives to the top you are attached to it, it can be a challenge to find with your finger – especially if you don’t know that he was there for the first time, as we did. And because the unit is not proud of it, making the PowerBeats 3 on and off with the gloves, it’s a nightmare, where a conjecture is your only option. However, the line of the remote is sturdy and easy-to-use, with a distinct push buttons and a robust, high-quality construction that makes it easy for you to adjust the volume, answer a call or skip tracks with double or triple taps.

The excellent quality of the construction is something we expect from Apple’s product, the PowerBeats 3 will provide you with just that. Everything from the logo to the included toggle (adjust the length of the cord that hangs around your neck), sit in the first class, and it helps to make the cost of the highest, most digestible form.


The connection to the PowerBeats is safe to use – even though we’ve had some issues with them during testing. It was only made in a run of -6C (21.2 F) from the temperature, but the PowerBeats has only been turned off twice and had to be re-paired with the iPhone 7. in Addition to being able to play the song again and again. This is the first connection, it can sometimes be difficult to establish. The way most people use the Bluetooth-enabled headset is to put it on his head, and then turn on the power by using the audio prompts to confirm the connection.

However, the Beats PowerBeats 3, then turning them on does not provide a direct audio signal, which is switched on – you’re going to have to wait a couple of seconds to hear a sound confirming the connection to your phone. But, if you press and hold the power button for a long time, the way in which the pairing is to be initiated, making it a choice between just have to guess how long before the headphones are plugged in or do it before you turn it in.

Even so, there have been times when we’ve had to re-pair the headphones to your ear, keeping it close to your iPhone or iPad, it’s good to see that the pop-up box will appear when it is close to the headphones, but it is not clear to us why it is necessary, from time to time. In addition to these things, however, we find a range of headsets to be excellent, allowing us to venture too far away from our phone, from what you’re used to, without turning off.

Beats PowerBeats 3 Review: Sound Quality

Where a lot of fitness headphones that are faulty in a tin can in hand when it comes to the quality of the sound, and would prefer to turn up the volume so that the music can be heard when walking the streets or rumble through weight-bearing exercise, the PowerBeats 3 has a fuller sound. The bottom is wider than many other headphones, but not at an insane level, and the top does not touch your ears to add more volume to what you’re listening to.

It’s the bass that makes the headphones feel as if you were in a pair of headphones from days. The bass response is tight rather than booming, but we’d be lying if we said that it is not overwhelming from time to time. Perfect for when you are training, but not so good if you want to listen to the relaxing atmosphere. This is not to say that the headphones don’t have a whole lot in the middle, and altimeters in abundance, but they can be a little stuck behind the bass.

Beats PowerBeats 3 Review

The details are also clearly visible in the Beats PowerBeats 3, with a lot of nice little accents to your favorite music. The volume is a bit lower than what it could be, because they don’t always fit together as well, which means that you are not even able to listen in on the action, in a noisy environment, but it can be useful to save your eardrums later on in life.

The Service Life Of The Battery

One of the best things about the PowerBeats, the 3 is the battery life, which is nothing short of excellent. While the decision to use the micro-USB port, such as port of loading, it may seem odd for an Apple product, it doesn’t mean that a lot of people are going to have a couple of good cables and a cable in the box. Given the fact that these headphones are designed to work well with Apple’s ecosystem, there won’t be a surprise if, in the future, models that are connected with a Beam instead.

Under the terms of the service life of the battery, the use of the PowerBeats-3 for an average of four to five days prior to the refilling of both the regular and the overall trip. For example, for two hours, at the end of the week, resulting in 20% less, and that was a great performance from the headsets that don’t seem to have a huge battery in it. Recharge times are also quick, with just a couple of minutes of your time in reloading, which is easy enough to see and do in the home when you notice that it’s empty, just before the train ride.

Beats PowerBeats 3 Review: Conclusion

The PowerBeats, the 3’s are a well made, long lasting, and has a good sound quality, and that’s a nice trio, awarded to a health club and a headphone jack. The fit is very good, and for those with a more ‘closed’ ears, and probably close to perfect. Some of you may have trouble getting a proper closure at the top, thanks to the hooks that hold the ends of the slightly greater angle, but in general, the PowerBeats are comfortable to wear. The main bottleneck is going to be for the price, it isn’t uncommon for heavy users.

If you want headphones that you can put it on before the run, there are plenty of other cheaper options in which to pump the sound into your ears if you want. There is also a less-expensive, better-sounding alternatives if you want to, not to the fitness-oriented earphones. Where is the Powerbeats 3 are impressed when you get used to them, as it is a combination of the two, if you can go from the gym’s speakers for the headphones, they stay in place and provide excellent sound quality.

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7.5 The Total Score

The PowerBeats 3 is solidly built, and it has a great battery life, so you have a lot of things right, but at this price point, they will have to do a little bit more to make them worth the price.


  • The great life of the battery
  • A solid bass response
  • Good wireless range


  • A little bit of bass
  • The setting couldn’t be better
  • Price