Back Bay Duet 50 Review

True of the wireless headphones, they are that common, and considering that there is a lot of power, is one of the best choices, however, it is a bit pricey. The Back Bay, however, thinks it has the answer with the new one in Back Bay, in a Duet of 50’s is truly a wireless headset. For less than $50, a set of headphones could be a discount on the total. But it is price contemplating? Explore the Back Bay, which is a Duet with 50 true wireless headset for you to discover. This is the The Back Bay, Which Is A Duet Of 50 Review.

The Back Bay, Which Is A Duet With 50 Review Of The Project

The first thing that you will find on the Back Bay, which is a Duet with 50 true of a wireless headset is well-designed, they are amazingly small. It is often a great factor for the real headphones, the wireless, and he would be able to play effectively in the future. The buttons themselves are just as easy. They are designed in black along with the Back of the Bay, the mark on the face of each button. They also have a button on it, making it a relatively simple function, the use of headphones.

However, the urgency of the button, it means that you have to push the earphones into your ears, which may be a little out of place. Your stay will be very short, reaching to about three inches wide. It can be quite dark, and got to the Back Bay and marks the highest of the machine. A MicroUSB port for charging is situated in the new house. We would have favored looking at a USB-C port right here. It’s 2019, and that even the cheapest gadgets with a USB-to-C, it should be the usual and not the aging by Micro-usb.

In the box you get a MicroUSB cable for charging as well as for a set of headphones and a charging case, together with a system of 4 pairs of headsets, bringing the total to 5. In general, the Back Bay, which is signed by 50 headphones look good. In the lower housing, and ensures a shorter lifespan for the battery, but it also makes it easier to carry around.


As I have said, the The Back Bay A duet with 50 true wireless headsets are generally small, and it runs quite comfortably. The headphones are also fairly light-weight, and a mixture of these issues means that it can be easy to forget that they are even in your ears. Unfortunately, the ear buds are not going to be one of the best in the hereafter. We suggest you to try an entirely different headphones within the a field to find something that works for you, and when you do that, you will probably find that one thing that you can do with them to match up properly.

The Back Bay, Which Is A Duet With 50-Review-Of-Sound

Cheap, headphones usually are the sound of a high-quality, superfluous, – though, thankfully, these headphones do not sound harmful in any way. Of course, they don’t sound amazing. However, they do have a lot to offer for headphones on this value vary. Let’s start with the bass, which is relatively deep, and highly effective. The kick drums can be overcome by a combination of the simple, and the guitars and bass, clean sound, and deep. They are completely Beats the headphones; however, they do provide a good bass reply, that he had been glad to hear of it.

The medium can be cleverly combined. There is a strong low-mid response, which, together with the sufficiently in excess of the mid-tone to push through to a voice or a guitar and a monitor. The space, which suffers from probably the most high-quality in the response. The finishing of the high extension is lacking a bit, and the highlights are what they are, they seem to be a bit dull. Also it is not harmful in any respect, for headphones on this value vary, however, it is one thing to say. The headphones had a great sound, however, we heard some noise, even at reasonable intervals of time. It was not an exaggeration, and, possibly, also it is discovered.


The in-ear headphones are smaller, but they also provide you with an unbelievable in the lifetime of the battery. It seems that the dimensions do not have more penalties for the battery. These headphones can be used for a minimum of eight hours, whereas, in the case of offering a full for a minimum of 40 hours of use. It is a lot more than the vast majority of the truly wireless headsets. The headset connects to your listening machine by-means-of-Bluetooth-5.0, and in addition to that, you get to hear the range from about 10 meters, or 33 feet. We have found that the headphones had been fairly good to keep a strong connection without the skip, or jump.

The Back Bay, Which Is A Duet With 50 Review Conclusion

In the Back Bay, which is a Duet with 50, truly wireless earbuds a person who has been, perhaps surprisingly, quite superior high-quality headphones, and they are properly designed and sound, accessible to the value-in addition to this, they supply excellent life of the battery for a true wireless headset. Of course, they don’t seem to be the easiest way for you to keep the rank, however, if you want to experiment with ear plugs, and you should be able to find something that will work.

The Very Best Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

Eight The Total Score

In the Back Bay, which is a Duet of the 50’s, the first affordable, truly wireless earbuds, which I do with great pleasure. The sound quality is strong considering the small size, the battery life is excellent, and the overall build quality is much better than the right.


  • The quality of the construction
  • Small carrying case
  • A sound, well-balanced
  • Reliable Bluetooth connection
  • IPX4 sweat


  • A slight delay in the playback of the video
  • The playback controls are bad