Anker Soundcore Life P2 Review

By the year 2016, when Apple became the first company to drop the 3.5 mm headphone jack on their handsets, a revolution which has been promised. The first generation of the Apple Airpods, to be released at the same time, it would be the beginning of a wave of new, truly wireless headphones that would transform aids from listening to it always. It is only recently that this promise has begun to bear real fruit – with a tidal wave of genuine headsets, and wireless at a reasonable price, rather than just the high-end versions have had to deal with before. This is the Anker Soundcore Life In Q2-Review.

Chinese manufacturer Anker is one of the new companies to pitch your hat into the ring. With a well-established reputation, due to its popular Soundcore speakers, and a battery, Anker has a value that many others do not have. However, this is still an area that is new to the business, and as such, all of their products are made on the first try – and so are they worth buying?

Anker Soundcore Life-P2-Revision Of The Project

In the real world of radio, there are just some of the distinguishing factors of the form, and the Soundcore Life, and P2 belong to the category that is inspired by the Airpods – that is, they are blatantly copying the design of the device. However, regardless of the Anker Soundcore phones lack in originality, they make up for it in comfort and utility. Each one is light as a feather, and have a safe good tune-up, aided and abetted by the addition of a wide variety of earphones from silicone in different sizes.

The upper body of the headphones, it’s dark, which means that they don’t stand out as much as the white, AirPods, which is not a very long time. Each key has a single button with a simple on/off switch, pairing, and skip tracks), which helps to keep things relatively simple. The case is also light, and the charge of the top-USB-C – stand- a nice touch we don’t always get at this price point. It is home to a large battery, with a combined charging and you use it at any place, and enables you to up to 40 hours of use on the battery charger.

When you use a set of headphones for the commute, for about a week, we found out that we didn’t have to charge the case by itself, because we’ve had more than enough juice to charge the buds every few days. All in all, these plugs are discrete and comfortable, if a little bit is useful. The bag fits well in a jacket pocket on a journey, for which it was designed to do. The only bit of flair is a little touch of gold on the edge of each button, if not, it’s the sober, matter, which is to be expected for the budget price.


As with the audio products are sold primarily through Amazon, and the Soundcore Life-P2-plugs and headset, and comes with a litany of marketing-speak. The price tag is justified by the “graphene device drivers, noise-cancellation, cVc 8.0 technology, a PUSH-in AND GO technology, BassUp technology, and much, much more to it, but you can ignore most of them. It’s all about the experience of using your own buttons – that is a positive. First of all, the Bluetooth connectivity is on the stronger side.

By using an iPhone, and 11, we found out that the front desk has remained consistent between the rooms, and by different the walls, with no interruptions or breaks, and it turned out to be the case down the road as well. In addition to this, in a way, this turned out to be the case. The pairing is very easy, the buttons are directly connected to the last device used when they are to be removed from the case. The profile of the sound, it also makes a great first impression, which often will also apply to the use of the long-term. The Bass is spiced up and full of energy, and if you are not exactly spacious, but, in general, it is not worthy of a great picture, the sound on both the ends in her ears.

We have found the line below in Outkast’s Prototype, funky, and smooth, warm jazzy notes from Kate Schilling of the Kite and the vocals, well represented, and the power to save battery power, the Avenged Sevenfold track to the Crossroads. These headphones are designed to offset, and with an IPX7 rating, and also for the training, but they are for the consumers that use it, it is not audiophile grade, armed to the teeth with a file SET, and Ω (the search). A major selling point of these ear plugs is the behavior of the call. With four microphones in total, we came in with high expectations – that have been repressed.

Anker Soundcore Life-P2 Review Conclusion

There are plenty of ear plugs, without cord for real this time, flooding each and every price point in the budget is headed for a high-end, portable audio – both established players and new entrants are trying to make a name for themselves in a market that is becoming increasingly competitive. And yet, the Anker Soundcore Life, and P2 buttons to stand out from the crowd. They have a comfortable, trouble-free design, great sound, great call quality, and a high tensile strength. They can provide the highest level of sound reproduction, but what they produce is bad for the price, and, of course, it is not good enough for the average listener.

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Eight The Total Score

The Anker Soundcore Life is P2, the genuine wireless headphones have a comfortable design, a strong Bluetooth performance, decent audio, side-whiskers, and are of sufficient quality-of-life, and the resources to make a good first impression. Don’t let that fool you, these are great headphones for business and leisure travellers.


  • The fit is comfortable
  • Nice sound
  • The easy-to-use


  • Unambitious and audio
  • Limited to the in-line controls
  • Without the inspiration of the design