1More Piston Fit Review

1More, you have a reputation, recently, for the construction of a comparatively reasonably priced headphones that also have a great deal of to supply. We have just recently reviewed a pair of real headphones, wireless, the company with excellent results. Now, 1More once again back to the 1More Piston-Fit in-ear headphones. For $40, and the headphones are great, the prices are reasonable. This is the 1More Piston to Fit in the Review.

1More Piston to Adjust for the Revision of the Project

The 1More Piston Fit, the headphones are not so distinct from that of the design; however, this is mostly a terrible factor. The in-ear headphones are entirely black, and has a sweetheart neckline design, which I need to neck it is a well-known cable channels. There is a small module, on both sides of the neck, with the left-hand housing, which we assume is the battery, and the right-hand side, a look of the three buttons on the management module. On its own it can be a little a MicroUSB port – though we wanted to 1More to choose USB-C here.

Of course, the design is boring, but for $40, it’s hard to predict the end of the word design. In the field, as well as the headphone jack, then you’re going to get a Micro-usb charging cable and 4 pairs of earbuds, along with the ones that have been pre-installed on the phone to your ear.


Due to the fact that the controls and battery are housed individually must have a set of headphones is fairly small, which contributes to a comfortable enough match. That mentioned, we suggest that you try an entirely different headphones within the a field to find the one that fits you the best. Ear headphones are probably the comfiest headphones; however, the extent to which they will be, they are not bad in any way.

1More Piston to Adjust for the Revision of the Sound

As with any earphone, is a strong factor to look at is how the headphones sound, and, thankfully, these headphones sound fairly good. Of course, they are not the best, however, to be worthwhile, they aren’t bad in any way. The bass response was relatively deep, and highly effective; however, there may have been a bit more bass extension. Generally, the low was able to combine them; however, there have been loads of levels, it felt a little thin.

The mids are good as well; however, there isn’t anything significant to write about. In the lower mid-tones are compared to the heat, considering that it does not seem to be a bit of an increase in the middle – which is often the case with finances headphones. However, it is not too much and not to get distracted while listening to music. The high-end response in the headphones has a reasonably good, which was a good thing to listen to. It is, of course, is a bit more significant extension would be very welcome here, however, for headphones on this worth vary, they are usually given a great amount of spice on the inside of the significant-frequency range.


The 1More Piston to Adjust the headphones to participate in the listening gadget by means of Bluetooth, a 5.0, and we have found that they have maintained an excellent connection with no major problems. However, for the life of the battery was a little weak. It took about 8 hours on a single battery charge. To other headphones with a neck, usually supply no more than eight hours in a comfortable position.

1More Piston and Adjustment of the Review of the Completed

The 1More Piston to Adjust the wireless headset in addition has a lot to offer, especially for the headphones on this worth vary. They provide music and sound design, a comfortable match, and relatively good sound quality. Given the fact that they have to offer, we would like to make the point that if you are looking for a headset with a neck label, it may vary, but these headphones are on the correct alternative.

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7.5 The Total Score

The 1more Piston Fit, it offers a smooth and rich sound experience with a comfortable.


  • The quality of the sound
  • Fairly comfortable