Valve Shatters Dreams: No Steam Deck 2 Release in Sight, Disappoints Tech Enthusiasts

Valve Confirms Steam Deck 2 Won’t Be Released Anytime Soon

Valve has confirmed that the successor to the Steam Deck handheld gaming console will not be released for at least the next couple of years. In an email to The Verge and CNBC, Pierre-Loup Griffais, a representative from Valve, stated that the company wants to maintain a fixed performance target for developers and ensure that every Deck can play the same games. While Valve is closely monitoring advancements in architectures and fabrication processes, Griffais does not anticipate a significant leap in performance within the next few years. Instead, Valve is focused on improving battery life and potentially including a better display with a higher refresh rate in future models.

Unlike smartphones or laptops, gaming consoles typically have a longer shelf life, and companies typically announce new models every four or five years. This aligns with Valve’s approach to the Steam Deck, which was officially launched in 2022 and may not see a new console announcement until at least 2024. Valve recently released Deck OS 3.5 Preview, which introduced features like variable refresh rate, HDR (when paired with a capable external display), and performance improvements for Starfield. The update also improved color reproduction by switching to an sRGB color gamut.