Unraveling the Mystery of Spotify Android App Crashes: What’s Causing the Repeat Failures?

Latest Spotify Beta Update Causing App Crashes on Android

Several reports have surfaced regarding issues with the Spotify app constantly crashing on Android devices. According to 9to5Google, the latest beta update for Spotify, version, has been causing the app to crash before fully opening. Users have taken to X (formerly known as Twitter) to express their frustration, with one user stating, “@SpotifyCares are there any known issues for the Spotify app on Android 14/Pixel 7 Pro? The app keeps crashing on my phone (and did not in the past).” Another user wrote, “@Spotify you’ve got a bug after your latest update…. app won’t open and keeps crashing,” and one more user stated, “Hey @SpotifyUK, the latest Android beta keeps crashing on my Pixel 8 Pro. Please take a look #spotify.”

Spotify Testing AI-Powered Playlists Feature

In addition to the app crashing issue, Spotify has been testing a prompt-based artificial intelligent playlists feature. This new feature will help users create their favorite playlists using AI technology. The AI playlists feature on Spotify was spotted by some users, and the platform confirmed the test to TechCrunch. However, Spotify has not divulged further details about the AI technology.

As Spotify continues to work on resolving the app crashing issue, the platform is also exploring innovative features to enhance the user experience. Stay tuned for further updates on both the app issue and the AI-powered playlists feature.