Unlocking the Future: Android 14 Unleashes Customizable Lock Screen Widgets and Personalized Shortcuts!

Android 14 Might Bring Back Lock Screen Widgets and Customizable Shortcuts

In a recent discovery by Mishaal Rahman on X, it seems that Android 14 might reintroduce lock screen widgets. The latest Android 14 beta build includes a new SystemUI flag called “widget_on_keyguard,” suggesting that Google is working on bringing back this popular feature. However, it’s important to note that this feature has only been spotted on the beta build designated for Pixel phones, so it might be exclusive to Pixel devices.

The return of lock screen widgets makes sense for Google, especially considering that Apple introduced widgets to the iOS lock screen last year. It’s possible that Apple’s implementation of this feature triggered a response from Google, leading them to bring it back in Android 14. While evidence is currently scarce, the discovery of the “widget_on_keyguard” flag indicates that Google is actively working on this feature.

Additionally, the latest Android 14 beta build also allows users to customize the shortcuts on the lock screen. Instead of the default shortcuts located in the lower left and right corners of the screen, users can now choose from a wide range of apps and actions. Some of the options include the Camera app, toggle for Do Not Disturb mode, Flashlight, the Google Home app, Mute toggle, QR code scanner, Wallet, or instant video recording.

To change the shortcuts on the lock screen, users can go to the Wallpapers & style menu in Settings, select Lock screen, and find the Shortcuts sub-menu. However, similar to the lock screen widgets, this feature has only been observed on Pixel phones in the beta build, so it remains uncertain whether other Android 14 devices will receive this customization option.

The return of lock screen widgets and customizable shortcuts in Android 14 brings a new level of personalization and convenience for users. It allows them to access their favorite apps and perform actions directly from the lock screen, saving time and enhancing their overall experience. As Google continues to refine and improve Android, these features demonstrate their commitment to staying competitive in the ever-evolving smartphone market.