Unlocking Business Potential: India’s Emerging Tech Certifications and Dell’s Role

TechWizard Feature: India’s Developing Tech Certifications and Business Opportunities for Dell

New Tech Certifications and Business Opportunities in India

Extracted from a media roundtable on technology trend projections for the next year, Dell Inc.’s Peter Marrs and John Roese discussed the rising adoption of zero trust in cybersecurity, practical implementations of generative AI, the emergence of multi-cloud edge platforms, and the development of quantum computing combined with generative AI. They also highlighted the development of technology certifications, regulations, and standards in India, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia, and expressed excitement at the business opportunities these present for Dell.

India’s evolving technology certifications and regulations, including cybersecurity laws, social media intermediary guidelines, and the Digital Personal Data Privacy Act, are shaping the tech landscape. Additionally, new regulations on AI deepfakes and the upcoming Digital India Act are expected to further impact enterprise technology use cases, creating opportunities for technology service providers like Dell.

According to Roese, the key theme for the next year will not only be restricted to generative AI business use cases but will span the entire spectrum of AI. Marrs emphasized the importance of AI, zero trust, and quantum computing in driving long-term success and securing global enterprise systems.

Looking ahead, the alignment of this vision is expected to translate into real-world business use cases for generative AI, with actual returns on investment for tech clients. As India’s $245 billion IT services industry focuses on the development of genuine generative AI business cases, opportunities for collaboration and growth abound.