Unleash the Ultimate Gaming Experience: Party Animals Delivers Endless Fun on Steam Deck and Desktop Linux!

TechWizard: Party Animals on Steam Deck and Desktop Linux

Party Animals is a Fun Game on Steam Deck and Desktop Linux

If you’re looking for a new casual silly party game, Party Animals is a great option. Developed by Recreate Games and Source Technology, this game is available on Steam Deck and desktop Linux. With around 20 maps and three different game modes, players can engage in hilarious battles against other animals across multiple rounds. The gameplay is reminiscent of Gang Beasts, with wobbly creatures running around and engaging in completely ridiculous activities. From fighting on planes to submarines and trains, Party Animals offers a variety of unique environments to enjoy.

Steam Deck Experience

The good news is that Party Animals runs smoothly on Steam Deck. During testing on SteamOS 3.5 Preview and Proton Experimental, the game performed well with only a few minor issues. One issue encountered was the difficulty of setting a name at the start, which required touchscreen input. Additionally, editing a custom game name was challenging due to gamepad input on the keyboard removing it. However, aside from these minor inconveniences, the gameplay experience on Steam Deck was enjoyable. It’s worth noting that the performance on Steam Deck was not as good as expected, with the game struggling to maintain a frame rate above 40FPS even on low graphics settings. However, the cartoony art style compensates for this, and the game still looks visually appealing.

It’s important to mention that Party Animals is an online-only game and does not offer full offline play. The game also includes micro-transactions, allowing players to purchase in-game currency for buying cosmetic outfits from the in-game shop. These aspects have affected the Steam user review score, with some players expressing dissatisfaction. However, these concerns haven’t deterred players from enjoying the game, as Party Animals has become one of the most popular releases of 2023 so far, with over 55,000 concurrent players.

Desktop Linux Experience

On desktop Linux (Kubuntu 23.04), Party Animals works perfectly without any surprises. The game delivers smooth performance on maximum settings, even on high-resolution displays such as 2560×1440. Tested on a desktop with a Ryzen 5800x processor and Radeon 6800XT graphics card, the game ran flawlessly. One standout feature in Party Animals is the ability to throw tricks into the ring when you’ve been thrown out and are spectating. These tricks, such as banana peels and bombs, add an extra layer of entertainment while waiting for the round to end.

Overall, Party Animals is a truly fun game that provides plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. Whether playing on Steam Deck or desktop Linux, players are guaranteed a good time. It’s recommended to turn off voice chat, as it is enabled by default with open mic. If you’re interested in experiencing the hilarity of Party Animals, you can purchase it on Steam.

Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.