Trump’s Ex-Lawyer Blames AI-Generated Legal Citations Tech Error

TechWizard Feature: Trump’s Ex-Lawyer Cites Tech Error in Fake AI-Generated Legal Citations

TechWizard Feature: Trump’s Ex-Lawyer Cites Tech Error in Fake AI-Generated Legal Citations

Michael Cohen’s AI-Generated Legal Citations Controversy

Michael Cohen, who used to be Donald Trump’s lawyer, is now in the bigger legal scoop. An unexpected event has come to light that shows how courts unintentionally use content created by Artificial Intelligence. Cohen recently acknowledged using Google Bard, an AI chatbot, mistakenly thinking it was a reliable search engine. Cohen is expected to be a key witness in future cases against Trump. This careless use of content made by AI has raised questions about how reliable and true this kind of information is in the legal world.

The Google Bard Controversy

In a court filing, Cohen admitted that he gave his lawyer, David Schwartz, court citations that he got from Google Bard, thinking wrongly that they were real. However, the fact that these citations were later added to official court papers raised red flags and led to discussions about how unchecked the authenticity of content made by AI is and what that means for legal systems.

Another lawyer, E. Danya Perry, later joined Cohen’s defense but clarified that she only stepped in after Schwartz filed the motion. Perry, having reviewed the document, couldn’t verify the cited case law’s existence, informing the court about this ethical concern.

Careful Investigation

Additionally, such an issue prompted Judge Jesse M. Furman’s scrutiny, leading to a revelation that the cited cases didn’t exist in relevant legal contexts. While Furman also ordered an explanation of how the motion referenced non-existent cases and Cohen’s involvement.

Hence, the situation carries implications for Cohen’s role as a witness in an upcoming case against Trump. Cohen’s defenders argue he didn’t engage in misconduct as he relied on his lawyer, unaware of the falsified citations.

A Growing Concern: AI Errors in Legal Cases

Cohen’s situation isn’t an isolated case. It highlights a broader trend of legal errors linked to AI usage. While AI can quickly process data, its reliability remains a concern. Earlier, attorney Steven Schwartz faced criticism for incorporating AI-generated references in legal documents, emphasizing the need for legal professionals to verify AI outputs.

Key Takeaways

In Cohen’s case, the AI-referenced citations were not only irrelevant but also misaligned with the primary argument. This underscores the importance of verifying AI-generated content in legal research to ensure the accuracy and integrity of court submissions.

In Summary

As the legal community integrates AI tools, the emphasis remains on careful verification. While AI offers speed and efficiency, ensuring the accuracy of its outputs is paramount to maintain the credibility of legal processes.

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