Top 10 Must-Listen Tech Enthusiast Podcasts of 2024: Stay Ahead of the Game with These Cutting-Edge Shows!

Uncover the Hidden Gem: NetHeads Podcast

While filmmaker Kevin Smith may not be known for his tech expertise, nestled within his Smodcast Podcast Network is a hidden gem for tech enthusiasts – the “NetHeads” podcast. Hosted by Will Wilkins and Trent Hunsaker, “NetHeads” offers a unique blend of tech news and casual conversation that sets it apart from other tech podcasts.

One of the standout features of “NetHeads” is its real-time audience engagement. The show often broadcasts live, allowing listeners to participate in the conversation through the livestream chat or social media hashtags. This interactive element adds a personal touch to the podcast and creates a sense of community among tech-savvy listeners.

While “NetHeads” may occasionally stray into discussions about movies or personal anecdotes, the conversational tone and genuine camaraderie between the hosts make it an enjoyable listen. It’s like having a casual chat with friends who share a passion for all things tech.

Despite its haphazard posting schedule, “NetHeads” boasts a substantial back catalog of over 300 episodes, ensuring that listeners will have plenty of content to keep them entertained. While you may not always get the latest tech news, you’ll undoubtedly leave each episode feeling like you’ve had a good time hanging out with your geeky friends.

So, if you’re looking for a tech podcast that goes beyond the standard news format and offers a more laid-back, conversational approach, “NetHeads” is definitely worth adding to your listening rotation. Whether you tune in for the tech insights or simply to enjoy the friendly banter between the hosts, “NetHeads” is a podcast that caters to the tech enthusiast’s thirst for knowledge and community.