Tomato Sauce Mastery: Ultimate TechHack to Extract Every Last Drop!

Tomato Sauce Mastery: Ultimate TechHack to Extract Every Last Drop!

A Tomato Sauce Hack Shows a “Genius” Way to Get Every Last Drop

Getting every last drop of tomato sauce or mayonnaise from a bottle can be a frustrating task. But one TikTok creator has gone viral with a “genius life hack” that ensures you never waste a drop again. Casey Rieger shared her hack on TikTok, demonstrating how to easily move the sauce from the bottom of the bottle to the top.

In the video, Rieger grabs the bottom of the bottle with her left arm and spins it multiple times. When she returns to the camera, all the sauce is at the top of the bottle. She exclaims, “How cool is that, right? How cool is that?”

While many people were already aware of this hack, Rieger’s video received praise in the comments section. One viewer said they would try it next time they’re at a restaurant, while another expressed surprise at the technique and joked about potentially dislocating their shoulder.

However, some viewers were skeptical and shared their own experiences. One person admitted to throwing a ketchup bottle across the room, while another warned about making sure the lid is properly closed to avoid a messy situation.

Despite the mixed reactions, Rieger’s video has gained attention and sparked a conversation about the best way to extract every last bit of sauce from a bottle.

So, the next time you find yourself struggling to get the last drops of sauce, give Rieger’s hack a try. Just remember to be cautious and ensure the lid is securely closed to avoid any unexpected messes.