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Apple’s Cheapest iPhone 15 Faces High Demand and Longer Delivery Times

Apple Inc.’s basic iPhone 15 model is experiencing a surge in demand, with delivery times almost doubling compared to its predecessor. According to data from Counterpoint Research, buyers in the US now have to wait 10 days to receive the basic model, up from six days for the previous generation device launched last year. The top-tier iPhone 15 Pro Max has also seen record pre-order waiting times.

The increased demand can be attributed to significant upgrades in both models, driving renewed interest among consumers. However, this surge in demand has come at the expense of Apple’s other options, such as the 15 Plus and 15 Pro, which have seen diminished wait times.

In China, Apple’s biggest overseas market, wait times for the basic version of the iPhone 15 have quadrupled compared to last year. This suggests that Apple is attracting buyers even in the face of competition from rival devices like Huawei Technologies Co.’s highly touted Mate 60 Pro. The Pro Max variant remains the most coveted iPhone in China, with long delivery wait times reflecting its popularity.

Despite the extended delivery times, the researchers have found that resale prices have not significantly increased. Scalper prices in China command only moderate premiums, indicating that demand may be driven, at least in part, by people trading in their existing devices.

Counterpoint’s Ivan Lam highlights the trade-in program as a pivotal factor in reducing psychological barriers for those considering a new phone purchase. In a year marked by declining smartphone demand, the trade-in program has become an increasingly vital contributor to Apple’s market dominance.