the Cosmic Race: How US-China Rivalry Fuels a Tech Revolution in Space Exploration

The US and China are engaged in a space race to return to the moon, according to NASA chief Bill Nelson. In an interview with the BBC, Nelson expressed his desire for the US to be the first to reach the moon, citing the importance of private companies in achieving this goal. NASA is working with private firms to share the costs and tap into the creativity of entrepreneurs in the private sector. The rivalry between the two countries has led to significant investment by NASA, with the agency’s spending reaching $71.2 billion in the year to September 2021, a 10.7% increase from the previous year. While SpaceX and Blue Origin are among the companies benefiting from government funding, Nelson also expressed concerns about China’s space program, highlighting its possession of a space station and plans to reach the polar regions of the moon. The competition between the US and China has not only fueled investment in space technology but has also led to an explosion of other space-related activities, such as satellite launches and the utilization of satellite data in various industries.