TechHeist: Delhi Police Foils Gang with 112 Smartphones, a Massive Tech Coup

TechWizard Feature: Delhi Police Bust Gang Smuggling Stolen Phones to Bangladesh

In a recent operation, the Delhi Police have successfully busted a syndicate involved in stealing mobile phones in India and smuggling them to Bangladesh via West Bengal. Three individuals have been arrested in connection with the case, including two from Delhi and one from West Bengal. The police recovered a total of 112 phones, which were valued at approximately ₹25 lakh.

According to the police, the gang had supplied over 2,000 phones with a total value of around ₹4.5 crore. During the operation, the police also seized a motorcycle from the suspects. Deputy Commissioner of Police (southeast) Rajesh Deo identified the arrested suspects as Akhil Ahmad and Nawab Sharif, both 25 years old and from Delhi, and Sabir Sardar, 26 years old and from Bangaon in West Bengal.

The investigation began on September 19 when the police received information about the syndicate. Raids were conducted in the Jaitpur area, leading to the arrest of Ahmad and Sharif. The duo was riding a bike with a backpack containing 112 phones, suspected to be stolen from Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR). During their interrogation, Ahmad and Sharif revealed details about the organized network involved in stealing mobile phones.

It was discovered that Ahmad and Sharif had dispatched over 160 parcels, each containing 14 stolen phones, totaling 2,240 phones since 2022, from Delhi to Kolkata. Most of these parcels, 155 in total, were destined for Sardar and another individual named Shyamal Rudra. Rudra operates a phone repair shop in Bangaon, West Bengal. From there, the phones were passed on to Jankinath, who managed their sale in Bangladesh. The final recipient of the phones in Bangladesh was identified as Saddam.

The police have arrested Sardar, and efforts are underway to apprehend the remaining members of the syndicate, including Rudra and Jankinath.

This incident highlights the increasing problem of mobile phone theft and smuggling in India. The stolen phones, valued at millions of rupees, were being smuggled across the border to Bangladesh. The police’s successful operation is a significant step in curbing such illegal activities and ensuring the safety of mobile phone users.

As technology enthusiasts, it is crucial to stay informed about such incidents and be cautious while purchasing second-hand phones. By being aware of the risks involved, we can protect ourselves and contribute to reducing the demand for stolen mobile phones in the market.

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