T-Mobile’s Shocking $2k iPhone Bill: A Cell Phone Virgin’s Nightmare Unraveled!

T-Mobile’s Shocking k iPhone Bill: A Cell Phone Virgin’s Nightmare Unraveled!

T-Mobile Bills Woman $2k for iPhones She Never Ordered or Used

A Florida woman, Donna Ortelt, received a shocking cell phone bill of over $2,000 from T-Mobile, despite never owning or using a cell phone. Ortelt was sent two iPhones by T-Mobile, and when her daughter, Debby Setzer-Ortelt, tried to resolve the issue, she was told by a T-Mobile manager that they had to start making payments.

According to Setzer-Ortelt, her mother has never had a cell phone and has no interest in owning one. The confusion began when Ortelt received a cell phone before being sent the two iPhones. She later received a letter claiming that the cell phone delivery was a mistake and instructing her to send the phones to Texas.

One of the iPhones had a contract for Spectrum, and managers at the store were able to wipe the bill. However, when Setzer-Ortelt took the other phones to a T-Mobile shop, she received a call from a manager urging her to make payments. Despite her attempts to resolve the issue by contacting T-Mobile, she was unable to do so without a PIN, which she did not have.

T-Mobile has since stated that they will resolve the issue, according to a spokesperson. However, this is not the first case of cell phone users falling victim to suspected fraud. Another woman, Sueanne Ohara, discovered three iPhone 13s added to her bill, which had been used in Kenya and Nigeria, resulting in a bill of over $2,300.

These incidents highlight the potential risks of fraudulent activity and the need for consumers to remain vigilant in monitoring their cell phone bills for unauthorized charges.