Snowball Effect: Personal Tech Predictions for 2024 in Latest News India

A Snowball Effect in Personal Tech: Looking Ahead into 2024

As we look ahead into 2024, the evolution of personal technology is set to continue at a rapid pace. The need for remote-work tools and the momentum of artificial intelligence (AI)-led apps are driving forces behind this evolution. New products and services will focus on evolving experiences, with key debates revolving around privacy and simplicity.

In the smartphone space, we see a growing dichotomy between the return of “dumbphones” or feature phones and cutting-edge models like the X100 Pro. Additionally, the OnePlus Pad is poised to give the iPad some tough competition.

Early 2024 will see the release of the first laptops powered by Intel’s new, consumer-focused Core Ultra chips, which are 70% faster when it comes to processing for generative AI models and computations. This optimized AI performance will be welcomed by a growing number of tools and use-cases, indicating the broadening scope of AI integration.

A whole separate generation of AI-focused chips is being readied for developers of large language models (LLMs). These chips will be vital to the overall evolution in this space, with companies like Intel and AMD working on new performance benchmarks and custom chips to train and run LLMs.

Looking ahead, evolving operating systems will also be a key frontier in computing. Microsoft’s Windows 12 may be released in…