Sinister Android Noise: The Definitive Sign of Being Spied On, Revealed in Two Distinct Locations

TechWizard: Signs Your Android Phone is Hacked

Signs Your Android Phone is Hacked

A TECH expert has warned Android phone owners over certain sounds that might mean your handset is hacked. There are endless clues that a device has been infected by cybercriminals. Phones powered by Google’s Android have impressive security protections – but sometimes ‘malware’ can slip through the net.

In a memo, IT expert Kateryna Hanko noted that “24,000 malicious mobile apps are blocked every day.” So it’s important for Android phone owners to know the red flags that indicate a hack.

The first sign is “unexpected noises when on a call.” “If you hear beeps or other strange noises while you’re on a call, this could mean somebody’s recording you,” Kateryna noted. But the IT expert added: “However, this could simply be caused by poor reception.”

Secondly, you should listen out for “sounds when your phone’s not in use.” Kateryna said: “Have you noticed your phone beeping or making noises when you’re not using it? This could indicate somebody’s spying on you. “As your phone shouldn’t make any noises when it’s idle (other than notification sounds, of course).”

Other warning signs might include unusual battery drain or a sudden increase in data usage that seemingly can’t be explained. And watch out for odd phone behavior too. For instance, is it switching itself on and off or showing apps you don’t remember installing? All these clues could be red flags that you’ve installed malware. But they’re not 100% guarantees that your device is compromised. “An unusual behavior could indicate your phone’s infected,” Kateryna warned.

She went on: “Unfortunately, none of these are conclusive ways to determine if your phone is infected with spyware. “The best way to check is to use a spyware detector to find hidden apps that may be spying on you.”

There are some other things you should consider doing if you think your device has been hacked. Try updating your phone to the latest Android software version, as this can close security holes that hackers use to exploit your device. And delete any suspicious apps that you’ve installed recently – they may be the cause of your problems.