Saskatchewan Police Crack Down on Over 800 Tech-Addicted Drivers: A Wake-Up Call for the Tech Community!

left for the bedroom.” This incident, although occurring in September, highlights the increasing prevalence of distracted driving in Saskatchewan. According to Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), out of the 837 distracted drivers caught in August, 729 were using their phones while behind the wheel. However, the remaining 108 drivers were engaged in more unusual activities.

SGI reported that some drivers in Regina were caught watching YouTube or playing with a Rubik’s cube while driving. These unconventional distractions raise concerns about the potential dangers they pose on the road. It is crucial for drivers to prioritize their attention and focus on the task of driving to ensure their safety and the safety of others.

In response to the alarming number of distracted driving incidents, the Regina Police Service (RPS) is planning a crackdown on distracted driving with a blitz on Tuesday and Wednesday. The RPS, along with police from around the province, will be working to identify various traffic violations, including speeding, distracted driving, seatbelt use, unlicensed drivers, and commercial vehicle standards. Impaired driving will also be a top priority for law enforcement.

SGI has implemented strict penalties for distracted driving and driving without due care and attention. Offenders can expect to face a starting fine of $580 and four demerit points against their driver’s license. A second offense within a year of the first can result in a $1400 ticket and a seven-day vehicle impoundment.

Aside from distracted driving, the police also caught 494 impaired drivers in August, leading to 212 criminal code charges and 282 administrative suspensions. Additionally, 419 tickets were issued for various seatbelt and car seat offenses, while 4,880 tickets were given for speeding and aggressive driving offenses.

As technology continues to advance and offer more distractions, it is essential for drivers to prioritize safety and remain focused on the road. The enforcement efforts by the Regina Police Service serve as a reminder of the importance of responsible driving and the consequences of engaging in distracted or impaired driving.