Rev Up Your Ride: Unleash the Power of Android Auto 10.5 with the Latest Update!

Time to Update: Android Auto 10.5 Now Available for Download

Android Auto 10.5 Now Available for Download

Google has just promoted a new Android Auto build to the stable channel, with the rollout now kicking off to devices through the Google Play Store. Android Auto 10.5 made its way to the beta program earlier this month, allowing users to test the new build before it graduates to the stable ring.

The stable version of Android Auto 10.5 is now being rolled out to users’ devices, following the standard procedure and shipping in stages through the Google Play Store. The rollout typically completes in a few weeks once Google determines the update’s reliability and whitelists version 10.5 for all devices.

For users who don’t want to wait for the update to be shipped to their devices, they can manually install the new build using the stand-alone APK installer. The Android Auto 10.5 APK file must be stored on the mobile device before initiating the update. Users can browse to its location, tap the installer, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. Enabling permissions for the installation of apps from non-Google Play Store sources may be required on some devices.

While many users are interested in the changelog, Android Auto 10.5, like its predecessors, ships without release notes. Some users who have already installed the update have reported a bug where Waze and Google Maps sometimes lose their GPS tracking and freeze for a few seconds before returning to normal. It’s unclear if this issue is related to the Android Auto 10.5 update.

More information on the update should emerge in the coming days as Google accelerates the rollout and ships the new version to more devices. Users are encouraged to share any new features or changes they notice in the comment box.

Android Auto has recently received a new influx of apps, including WebEx by Cisco and Zoom, which allow users to participate in meetings and initiate or receive audio calls while driving. The video experience is only allowed on mobile devices for safety reasons, but drivers of vehicles equipped with phone mirroring software can now remain productive while in motion. Google has also unlocked new software categories, with the first OBD2 app making its way to Android Auto, allowing users to get vehicle diagnosis data on the infotainment screen through a connected adapter.