Prison Logistics: Game-Changing Giant Drone Delivery System at Corley Services

Giant Drone Set to Deliver Goods to Prisoners Found in Car at Corley Services

Drone Intercepted Carrying Contraband Intended for Prisoners

Police have seized a large drone that was allegedly carrying a package meant for inmates at a nearby prison. The drone was discovered in the boot of a cloned Honda CRV at Corley Services, just outside Coventry. The vehicle was intercepted by officers from Warwickshire Police’s Operation Patrol Unit (OPU) after the driver attempted to escape. The driver was subsequently arrested for multiple offenses, including possession of Class A drugs and attempting to convey prohibited articles into a prison.

Upon inspection, the drone was found to be carrying various items, including mobile phones, electrical items, tobacco, and Rizla papers. The drone had been modified to carry packages and had its lights covered. The vehicle’s sat nav was set for a nearby prison in Leicestershire.

This incident highlights the increasing use of drones for illegal activities, such as smuggling contraband into prisons. It also raises concerns about the security measures in place to prevent such incidents. Authorities need to stay vigilant and develop strategies to counter the evolving methods used by criminals.

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