PhonePe Unveils Indus Appstore: The Ultimate Google Challenger Empowering Android Developers

PhonePe Launches Indus Appstore to Challenge Google Play Store

PhonePe, a digital payments firm, has announced the launch of the Indus Appstore developer platform, aiming to provide Android app developers with an alternative to the dominant Google Play Store. The Made-in-India app store promises zero platform fees or commissions for in-app payments, offering app developers a more localized and engaging experience. The Indus Appstore will be available in 12 languages, tailored for Indian audiences.

Developers who register and upload their apps on the Indus Appstore will enjoy free app listings for the first year, after which a nominal annual fee will apply. Additionally, developers will have the freedom to integrate any payment gateway of their choice within their apps. The app store will also feature a dedicated section called “Launch Pad” to provide better visibility and search optimization for new developers.

Akash Dongre, Co-Founder of Indus Appstore, highlighted the need for a credible alternative to the Google Play Store in India. With the country expected to have over 1 billion smartphone users by 2026, the Indus Appstore aims to tap into this growing market and provide app developers with a fair and level playing field.

The Indus Appstore will assist developers with high-quality user acquisition through multilingual app discovery. It will offer several developer tools and features, including round-the-clock customer support, the option to list apps in 12 Indian languages, and the ability to boost brand awareness through engaging videos.

The launch of the Indus Appstore comes at a time when Google and Apple’s app stores have faced criticism for their restrictive policies and high commission fees for in-app purchases. With the growing discontent among small developers and innovators, the Indus Appstore aims to provide a localized and consumer-centric alternative.

Overall, the Indus Appstore developer platform seeks to provide Android app developers with a credible alternative to the Google Play Store. With its localized experience, better app discovery, and consumer engagement, the Indus Appstore aims to tap into the massive Indian Android market and provide developers with the tools and support they need to succeed.