NASA’s UFO Secrets: Renowned Hacker Claims Alien Truth Will Remain Hidden Forever

NASA will never reveal the truth about UFOs and aliens, according to Gary McKinnon, the man behind the “biggest military computer hack of all time.” McKinnon, who illegally gained access to US Army, Navy, Air Force, Pentagon, and NASA computers in 2002, claims to have found evidence of contact with “non-terrestrial” beings. He says he saw thousands of images and documents providing proof of alien life, including a cigar-shaped craft hovering above Earth on a NASA computer and an Excel spreadsheet of “non-terrestrial officers” on the US Navy network. McKinnon criticizes NASA for its lack of transparency and believes that military institutions, including NASA, will never reveal the truth about UFOs and aliens. However, NASA administrator Bill Nelson has stated that the organization will share its UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) data with more transparency and disclose any evidence of alien life if it is ever found. McKinnon spent nearly a decade fighting extradition to the US and was eventually blocked on human rights grounds due to his Asperger’s syndrome diagnosis.